Sunday, May 22, 2005

Here is a Photo of a couple that had just gotten married, and were walking down the steps. I gave them my email adress...and today I am sending them their photo...and they commented to me that they wish there was a photographer there. Gittye...


Tracy and Kevin said...

Thank you for the photos; they're awesome! I didn't realize we were the only ones on the capitol steps at the time -- we were kind of in our own little world that day. We're so glad you shared with us!

Tracy and Kevin said...

Hi Mark,
We're the newlyweds that you photographed walking down the capitol
steps on April 30. Sorry it took a while to contact you -- things have
been pretty busy with moving, thank-yous, etc etc. But we're excited to see the picture if you still have it. We were actually talking on our way down the steps that we wished our photographer had been there to snap some shots of us -- how lucky that you were there! Anyway,
thanks in advance -- we appreciate it!