Sunday, December 18, 2005 is one of the few times that both teams lined up not Offsides...or without any false starts. 30 Penalties...15 each...that's one every 2 minutes. Looks like the Ref's won this least they didn't get drummed like the boys did today.

Thanks for the my good freinds who let us go...(you know who you are) and wait till I tell you the story about the two guys who sat next to us...and the 2 Gallons (not joking here) of beer that they drank.


SkyWriting said...

when i went to the cheifs games we were literally standing up every three minutes so that the people next to us could get to the bathroom because of all the beer they drank and buy more. Remember,Hayely?

SkyWriting said...

i before e, i know.