Thursday, January 26, 2006

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Baby: It's a Girl

By Cris Bergman

Jan 25, 2006

Angelina Jolie is pregnant by Brad Pitt with a baby girl a published report will disclose this week. The sultry mom-to-be has already been rumored to be pregnant with twins and has had an alleged sonogram of her unborn baby posted on eBay.
But now the American tabloid Life & Style Weekly is set to disclose - 'it's a girl.'
A bit of reporting and digging was used to find the out information Life & Style executive editor Joe Bargmann told 'The National Ledger' on Wednesday.
Bargmann told us, "A tip came in from a reader of the magazine that Brad Pitt's sister Julie (Pitt) Neal was doing a little baby clothes shopping in Springfield, Mo."
The tip was "out of the blue," Bargmann said so the magazine dispatched a reporter to Springfield.

The dish:
A friend of Brad's sis Julie spoke with her at a church meeting. The pair spoke about her recent purchases at 'Jellybeans,' a children’s clothing boutique in the southern Missouri town.
Apparently sis was buying some baby clothes for a girl.
And then sis let the news slip:
“I’m shopping for Brad’s baby girl,” an insider says Neal told the storeowners of Jellybeans, a children’s clothing boutique in Springfield, Mo., Brad’s hometown. Julie made it very clear that it was not Zahara she was shopping for but rather “for the little girl that Angelina’s going to have.”
When "The National Ledger" contacted 'Jellybeans' for comment, the person that answered the phone would only say that she had received countless inquiries about Julie's shopping habits, but that "we're not commenting on that anymore."
So - does this prove it's a girl?
Brad and Angie are notorious for their pranks on reporters, but this is some pretty good reporting by L & S.
What does it also prove? You can get some great gossip at Church meetings.

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hillenblogshappywife said...

Jellybeans never had this conversation with his sister or anyone else. The reporter came in, yes, but we did not say anything that had not already been published. Do not believe everything you read, his sister did not talk to any reporter either. These rags obviously make up what they think will sell magazines. And it does, because i bought one yesterday!! And, I got the call from US Weekly, which i said "WE are not allowed to comment on this" and promptly hung up!