Tuesday, February 14, 2006

World Exclusive! Jen's Ultrasound Pics!

That's right folks...Published here first (as promised) the world exclusive first look at the Jen's NEW Girl! (I think they are going to name her Markie) as you can kind of tell...she looks like Jen...(looking at the Ultrasound 11:00 is the top of her head...5:00 is her Chin...2:00 & 8:00 are eyes...and those Chubby Cheeks...well they are everywhere.
Speaking of Chubby...well...the picture got cut off...but you can tell...that Jen is Actually Pregnant...Even when standing near other Expecting mom's. Of course none of the expectant Mom's look quite as good as Rachel. However her Delivery is more like "Take out' than "eat in"...which is cool, cause Hillenblog himself was a "take out baby".
I have been negotiating to get you people Jen's exclusive birth photo's here...but Missy and Jenny are wanting that coverage for themselves.
I'm not sure what to do. I think we need a Readers Poll.
Readers, Who's Birth should Hillenblog cover exclusively? Jen, Missy, Jenny or Rachel's? Posted by Picasa


Jen said...

Condsidering that Rachel will be the only one who "gives birth" with all of her clothes on, I suggest you do her. By the way, thanks so much for comparing my figure to someone who looks as good as Rachel does:-( Talk about hitting you while your down!

hillenblogsnotpregnantyetstillfrumpywife said...

thanks jen, i wasn't sure how to word my request that hillen only "cover" rachels birth!!! I am all for camping in the hallway tho for you and missy! And although i have told you so many times, you are so cute pregnant. You and missy and jenny (and rachel in the past) are killing me with how cute you look. No tents, stretch pants and moo-moos for you (spelling intended), but instead, real clothes that are flattering!! I am so jealous!!

Hillenblog said...

Honey...would you like to try and have another baby?

SkyWriting said...


K1 said...

I vote for Jen. And hey, Jen, don't worry about the naked thing... I'm sure Hillen can edit the photos to keep it G-rated. :) Or, I could always help out with some fancy Photoshop work. LOL