Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Security is not a joking matter...

1. What do you get when you add a $6000 Garrett Magna-Scan walk thru metal detector...and
2. the newly named President of DMP, Bill Jackson's, first day on the job...and
3. Russ Somerville...and Mark Security Guard uniforms...with Hand Scanners and a bad attitude?
4. I'll tell you what you get...long lines getting in the DMP...
5. extra screening of suspicous persons...
6. It helps if you set the walk-thru scanner to "Nuclear Facility/Maximum Security Prison" mode...(i'm not joking here)
7. "Mr. Hoffer...we don't have your reservation..."
8. Truly...this was a very funny start to our sales meeting themed "Ready for take off" the DMP crew excercised it's value of the expense of the incoming sales and training departments (oh yes...and the new President of DMP as well)
9. Mark Sims and Russ Summerville were truly the Harvy Korman and Tim Conway of all the people that I know...and they were H I larious... Posted by Picasa

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