Sunday, December 24, 2006

Over the River and Thru the Woods...

To Grandmothers house we went...Well, actually to Hillengrands house we went last eve. As the HillenVan made it's way out to my boyhood home in the country, a rather surprising set of events started to unfold. First, as we went east out chestnut, past Hwy 65 and turned on to LeCompte Rd...we spotted six dear standing near the edge of the road, how pretty they were. This was quickly eclipsed by the realization that the van has taken a wrong turn, as if it was going to work...(But none the less, I can get there this way) and we forged on unabashed...As we drove past the house setting at the corner of Division and LeCompte Road, I thought I caught sight of a man breaking into the house, Cindy and Barrett saw it too, so we turned around and went back to investigate. He was gone...not a trace of him to be seen, weird!...As we came down LeCompte road, near the area where James River gives their Fourth of July fireworks display...(you will understand the irony of this later...but this must be a heightened area for holiday activity)
As we continued down the lane toward our family Christmas, I looked off to the west to enjoy the setting of the sun, the end of another blissful day in the life of Hillenblog.
As I was enjoying the sunset, I noticed there were some deer frolicking along the far ridge. Perfectly silouhetted by the setting sun. As we stopped the van, and I started snapping pictures. As we enthusiasticaly watched the deer eat there Christmas Eve, Eve dinner...I noticed that one of these deer was especially large for this area, a rare speciminin indeed, a 10 pointer with at very nice rack!
As we stopped and enjoyed these marvelous animals...I was snapping pictures and discussing how far away these animals were, etc. We probably sat there for at least five, maybe ten minutes...watching these three deer graze in the evening setting sun. It was then that it happened, something so shocking, and surprising that the conversation in the van immediately stopped. Silence! We all sat there aghast...absolutely stunned at what we were seeing. As I sit here and think back on it now, it's as if it were not real at all. Could it have actually happened? Could it have been, could it be? Is it possible? Do all these events tie up neatly to a single explanable event? If I had not captured it on one of my last frames I was shooting, I scarce say that I would not believe it myself.
Well, We had to quickly head on out to our family Christmas meal as not to be late(er)...But I dare say, that although we did not speak of the events that we witness that night, not a single one of us will ever be the same. This single inexplicable event may be the single most amazing photo that I have ever had the good fortune to blog here on Hillenblog. I hope that you and yours find it equally as exciting, and awe inspring as we did last eve, as were were on our way the Hillenblog family home. I leave you with this simple wish...Merry Christmas to all...and to all...a good night!

You youngins better hang your stocking and say your prayers cause Santa Clause comes TONIGHT!


nb said...

absolutely incredible!!! thank you for that christmas present! two bucks and a doe. the deer start to hang out in bigger groups this time of year unlike during the rut when the males compete for the females.

lisa said...

Just kidding....I saw Rudy....but I did think that next to Rudy it looked like one deer's body with a head at each end.....didn't you notice that?

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to figure out why this was so cool, besides of course that they were so beautiful. Until I blew it up and looked closer. Wow!! I had to show my girls and they were so excited!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I sure would love to see Sky's song for the Christmas Eve service. I've heard great things but was too busy concentrating to enjoy how it sounded.