Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day Eight...The Great Ice Storm of 2007

It's all a blur...the last 8 days are like...what is going on here?

I, like Jen and some others have come to feel for the victims of real natural disasters in a new way...the slight inconvenience of not having your power for a few days...has been rather surprisingly emotionally draining. It tries your nerves to not remember where your socks are...or your cell phone charger...or to walk around with batteries in your pockets for 5 days. Dark other people's bathrooms...(although using different product in my hair every day...had my hair looking stellar...all week...why does your hair like the variety so much I wonder?) wearing the same pants for 4 days in the same week...although they were washed...thanks honey.

I have been impressed in all the quick response...20 years ago in 1987...the city sold out of generators...and then was re-stocked in 2 days... they are routing emergency supplies this direction before the storm is over. I would estimate that 20, 000 generators were sold in Greene County over the last 8 days....I'd guess that between 15-20% of them will be on sale at 50cents on the dollar...within 90 days. So...if you don't have one...and you think you want one...there you go.

My dad is working 12 hour shifts on and 12 hours off...the store room department is responsible for supplying the city with new poles, transformers, wire, gloves and everything decessary to get the city back on power. They were unloading trucks constantly from midnight to noon on Saturday......where they are serving 1100 meals a the line workers that are working 16 hour days.
I think that the CU guys have done a good job at reacting to this storm...I'm not sure what they could do better...obviously they are not lead by the Mayor Ray Nagen.

First I would like to apologize to Jen...for whatever I did to hurt her feelings. I know that I had to cancel on the giant Hillenblog Taco/AI party...but we will re-schedule.

I know that this has been said...but it really is quite comforting to know that you have friends that will not only give you the shirt off their back, but also let you wear their underwear.

I learned a lot this week: Here is a few examples...
-If you pour windshield washer fluid in your drains...and toilets it will keep them from freezing.
-There are at least three different ways to wire a generator in to your house...without the aid of an electrician.
-You can't let gas sit in your Briggs & Stratton for 8 years without it causing a problem.
-it is easy to get caught up in the mass hysteria...I bought two packages of D-Cell batteries...that I apparently didn't need.
-You can have too many candles in a room...
-use Whipping Cream to make killer French Toast.
-Rachel Burch loves to do laundry...and is a mean cook. (and her food tastes pretty good too)
-The Appearance of Professionalism is key...Hard Hats make all the difference if you want to have a tree trimming business.
-A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet...and no other unit of measure is allowed by law in the state of Missouri to be used when firewood is sold.
-according to the internet there is only two dangers to avoid when using a temporary generator: 1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 2. Electrocution.
-Most people in the Philipines do not have hot water.
-If you think you should trim your neighbors trees...or they will break you powerline to your house...go ahead and do it.
-A weatherhead is the name of the thingy that is on your house that the power lines attach to...this is yours...and if it is broken...YOU have to pay to have it fixed.
-Unfortunately Sweetgum Trees have very resiliant limbs...
-Neither Rain, Nor snow, nor Darkout...will keep the post office from it's appointed rounds.
-Maybe someone at the Gas Pipeline...should consider investing in a generator...since you serve all the gas stations in SOUTHWEST MISSOURI!
What did you learn this week...let us know?
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Anonymous said...

I learned that the Burch's are great house guests. Rachel tidied up and Matt installed a dishwasher, they were only here one night! And Bryan could've told you that the Post Office doesn't quit.


Anonymous said...

I almost forgot, I also learned that a bunch of people crammed in a house + boredom + alcohol is a pretty good recipe for disaster.


Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous Mark. You have never hurt my feelings.

hillenblogshappybutsoberwife said...

hey htuck:
Rachel and Matt didn't mention this part of their night at your house:)

Anonymous said...

hillinblogshappywife: I should've known that would sound bad. I was referring to the great citizens of Springfield!


LauraD said...

I've learned that there are a number of things I can cook on my fireplace. I'll be posting a cookbook when I can get back on my own computer to blog.