Monday, April 09, 2007

If I would have only known!

That there was a NEW BLOG in the CITY.
I would have stopped the presses and been commenting like mad.
Instead I am only mad...because no one told me. That is what I get for taking a few days respite from reading the blogs. (in my own defense I was out of town at a trade show)

To that I am truly sorry. Forgive me Missy.

The accounts of NYC that you dropped on us are truly prose to our imagination...and we look forward to your photo imagery to match, but until then we can only reminisce of our own experiences in the City. Of eating at Sarabeth's, strolling through Central Park, SOHO, Washington Square Park, and Times Square. Oh the fun...The Empire State building and the majesty of a Staten Island Ferry ride at sunset before the Towers fell.

Of course I have never rested my weary feet at the Waldorf...but that gives one something to look forward to. The way we will all look forward to your next blog...about your next trip to the ( boring Springburg) park or a day of laundry or like Jen...Getting up early (10:00am) to let in the cleaning lady...and then nestling down into a good book and eating Bon-Bons by the pool all afternoon. Whatever it is that fills your day, if you blog about it...we will all be the better for it.

Missy! We welcome you with our Windows (Vista) wide open.

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missy said...

wow, i'm at the top of your links list? i can't believe i've achieved such status! i'm so sorry for not informing you of my posts. i guess i just figured that you, of all people, checked dtb daily - or at least weekly. i should let you know, though, that i probably won't be blogging again (other than the phlog i guess i will put up) until i return to the city. but, you'll just have to frequent dtb to see:) i might surprise myself.