Monday, September 03, 2007

As Per Eluded to...

An anonymous group if individuals made the annual Labor Day (Federal Trespassing) pilgrimage to the Devils Den. This time we brought a rope. The rope was like what my dad always said about a four-wheel drive truck. ...."It just allows you to get stuck in a worse place (than a two wheel drive truck)".... One of the more adventurous of the group (not to mention the one in the best physical shape) decided to lower himself down the 20 feet or so beyond the ledge that we had previously ventured. As you can see in Photo #3. To truly appreciate the scale of this crag in the earth look carefully...that is a person standing at the tip of the black water that makes up the unknown & unexplored underwater portion of the Den.
True to the tale of our undisclosed tour guide from last year told, under the ledge that we were standing on, there is a cave that goes back some 30 feet. Unknown is the contents of said cave. Spelunkers we are not. More accurately we would be described as purveyors of Ozarkian Dare Devilry. Also we are not very prepared with a good light, nor did we think of sending the camera down there to take some flash photography.
As we started to leave, we noticed a shadowy figure (with quite a fine figure I might add) watching over us, just adding more suspense and mystery to the secluded location. Weird.

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