Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OK...Somebody has to say it...

Something has been bothering me lately...and I've got to get this off my chest.

I would be so ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated if I was a part of this organization (pictured above) that called these guys "Brothers"...These guys have been "Picketing" (read, sitting on their rears) for months out here in front of Killian Construction. If I was Bill Killian, I wouldn't want to hire these guys either...if sitting on a fold-up lounge chair is their idea of a picket....If they can't work any harder than this...for something that they believe in (however twisted it might be) hard could they possibly work building a hotel or some other construction project somewhere? I mean come on...If your really a Union...and your really picketing...surely you can do better than this makeshift PVC pipe banner thing that you have made to have people carry back and forth...but your too lazy to even carry around, so instead you sit in a lounge chair from 10:00 am till about 2:00 then you call it a day and pack it in.

Seriously, would you want to pay part of your salary (involuntarily) to pay for your "Brothers" here, to sit out and get laughed at...and look like fools. While YOU are actually working at a job somewhere....I mean come on. Would you want to trust your families future income to these two guys...and the "bosses" that they work for in Kansas City or Chicago? or would you rather work for this guy...

I would love to be in Bill's helicopter just one time to see the looks on those guys faces when he comes flying in (not crossing) their picket don't "cross" a picket line when you are so far above (metaphorically speaking) this group of imbeciles that would rather sit our here (not in the rain or cold...mind you...they are only here on good weather days) instead of going out and getting a real job. I would be ashamed to come home at night and tell my son what I had done all day....and that my paycheck came from all my "Brothers" out there that were ACTUALLY working somewhere, so I could sit here and Pickett this guy...because he decides to hire people based on their qualifications, and their bid...instead of being bullied by the union tactics.

Don't get me wrong...I know that the union served a role in the American Industrial Revolution...and they have served some good in times past to protect workers from unreasonable working conditions, etc...I have some very close family that I dearly love that are members of unions, or have been, but the union (in my opinion) has long since past it's usefulness and wore out its welcome.

Come on guys...go get a real job!

Ok...Well, I feel much better now...thanks for th rant...

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HelterShelter said...

Quit beating around the bush. Tell us how you really feel please.

It's ok though......Hillary will make sure he has free health care and condoms when she takes office.

Can I say condoms on Hillenblog?