Friday, August 29, 2008

"It's the Economy...Stupid!"

As we all learned a few years's NOT just the economy. But the the price of gas has a lot to do with the economy...and the price of gas (as we have seen in the last two months) has a lot to do with where we intend to get oil. With one simple pick of his Veep, John McCain has shown that he intends to drill for oil in Alaska (finally someone with the sense and courage to do it). Now if he will commit to build a few dozen nuclear power plants, throw in some Pickens wind energy and continue the Bush legacy of keeping us safe from another terror attack...What more could you want?

I know...John McCain is not at conservative as I am, he is a true independent "Maverick" candidate...and I question some of his history and decisions in his personal life and public life, however he is SO much better than the "Obama bin Biden" ticket...I don't see how any reasonable Republican or Independent voter could make another choice.

If you get past the delivery, theatrics, Hollywood hype...and charming (beguiling) good looks of Obama. Strip away the historic nature of his accepting the nomination of his party for President of the United States, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. (never mind the irony that the author of the "I have a scream speech" orchestrated all of it all for the DNC). Get beyond the fact that the media is looking for a coronation, not an election of this man they call "the One".

When you put aside the sizzle, and dig into the steak. He is the same old tired borderline socialist liberal that the Dem's have tried to put up so often in the recent past. This time, with no real experience. Do they really think people are going to vote for a guy for president that won't salute our flag or wear one on his chest? have you read his Berlin Speech? If we think the Chinese gymnast was 14, not 16...we have the same evidence that Obama is Muslim (google is a great thing) (are we even allowed to discuss this, or is that "off limits").

Did the Dem's really prohibit John Edwards from speaking at their convention, because he had an affair, and lied about it...yet Bill Clinton is their "Rock Star" and keynote one night? Is that the party that you want negotiating with the Iran's Aqua Velvet Jhad? John McCain is a Hero and a Patriot and there is no country or dangerous group on this planet that would question his resolve or his trigger finger. Do you think that Dem's are going to offer you that same security? I think not.

Vote for John McCain for President. I have said my peace...and counted to ten.


Dannah said...

Well said!! Have you submitted that to the newspaper?

becl said...

VERY NICE...What I have been trying to say but couldn't find the words.
On another note... we read that OBAMA wasn't really born in Hawaii but ya know anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark.

You are doing a good job getting the word out to all. Great job.

Pat and Charlie

admin said...

"and the price of gas (as we have seen in the last two months) has a lot to do with where we intend to get oil."

both candidates promise to reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. drilling here, we know, wouldn't have much of an effect on oil prices or supplies for quite some time.

btw - it's estimated that about 70 million acres currently leased by oil companies is not being used. where is it located?? offshore, mostly in the gulf of mexico.

i'm not supporting either candidate fully at this point. i'm just pointing our rhetoric.

Lynn S. said...

Agree, Agree, Agree. Please submit this to the News Leader, Opinions editor. You speak for many of us. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you care enough about your country to speak up.

In all fairness, Obama does salute the flag and such. The right spread those rumors just like the left spreads rumors about conservatives. It's too bad that politicians cannot act like grown ups and stop making personal attacks on one another.

I will not vote for Barack Obama. He slapped Hillary Clinton in the face by not choosing her as his running mate. He is riding on his charisma, speaking ability, and race. People want him to win so that we can say that our country is progressive. I would love to have an African American president. It would be moving. But I will not elect someone based on their race. I will vote based on issues.

I don't think that it's fair to clump all liberals in as socialist. If you're too far liberal, you're socialist. If you're too far conservative, you're communist. Neither one is good. We need a leader who is in the middle like John Mccain or Hillary Clinton.

As for the reference about proof that the Chinese girls were 14 and Obama was a muslim based on the same evidence, that's really not right.

The Chinese girls were actually around 12 years old. Forensic experts used technologies to come up with this. The reason China did this is because before girls hit puberty, they have much better balance and grace. They aren't as affected. So China really are jut a bunch of dirty cheaters who hate America.

I will say that you are an excellent writer! Good job! The people who we should be angry towards are the ones who don't vote. They are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Consider your arguments,
1. you just learned the price of gas "has a lot to do with the economy"??? Really, you just learned that??? No response needed, come on you know better.
2. Get nuclear power.
-I agree, good point. We need nuclear power like leading countries such as France have used for years.
3. Bush kept us safe from terror.
-please note, the greatest attack happened on his watch... Just an thought, I felt safer before Bush than I have since his Presidency
4. Obama won't salute the flag
-Just a pure political play not true
5. China? Sounds like lots of you hate China.
-Maybe you should read the federal reserve reports on US debt to China. It seems that Bush has issued our soul to China i.e. look at the national debt, import/export relationship the link below is the treasury department (yes, Bush's treasury department, not some liberal crackpot website)
6. Obama is a Muslim???
-Come on, that is pure BS.
7. Bill Clinton got a BJ as president.
-Agreed, bad move Bill, and poor example for our children! That said, it appears that we have killed nearly 90,000 civialian's in Iraq since we "Invaded" in 2003, US deaths are over 4,000 and US soldiers injured are over 30,000.,4675,IraqUSDeaths,00.html

I guess I am saying that compared to sexual indiscretion, 100,000 dead people in a country that didn't have anything to do with 9/11 seems extreme(we are the US we respect individual liberty). If you spoke of Ron Paul, I would support many of your thoughts, but not so with McCain

8. McCain would be a better negotiator than Obama.
-seems to be working with Russia, they are really impressed by his threats. Where are the people to fight that war going to come from? You and your sons??? Seems things turned out different in N. Korea than Iraq, and we only lowered our sights on one of those countries. McCain is not a negotiator, he doesn't know that Chezlovakia doesn't even exist, no wonder Russia doesn't seem concerned with him.

By the way, he does know who we are fighting doesn't he?

I appreciate the first amendment, I also appreciate you taking a stand for what you think, but come on... Don't let the "Obama Bin Laden" JUNK turn your opinion. There are a large number of things I disagree with Obama about, I would vote Republican if they ran a fiscal conservative who was interested in preserving the Bill of Rights, but instead of worrying about big issues such as the federal deficit, we are voting based on Obama is a Muslim (wrong) or McCain is old (so what). Look at the issues, and vote based on right to life, or something other than media trash. Your posts would be more meaningful.

As far as drilling in Alaska, read the reports, it will be something equivalent to $.07 (7 cents) on $1,000 in terms of percentage usage. Further, Alaskan production won't peak until 2027-2028. That means if you are 40 you will be 60 before this has the above mentioned impact. READ BETWEEN THE LINES, drilling in Alaska is not a solution. Read the report below, for one view of this issue (the Energy Information Administration). Again, agree, disagree, whatever, at least know the facts for yourself, don't let someone tell you what to think...

I know you won't like this post, but please agrue with my points, and provide evidence (notice I used Fox news in a link above).

Hillenblog said...

I used my name. Do you think I'm impressed that you cited Fox News?

If you want to debate...I'm happy to debate. Only cowards or people who claim they know what they believe, but are afraid to put their name on their "facts" post anonymously.

What I was referring to, when I said that we have recently seen how the economy hinges on WHERE we intend to get oil, was when Bush announced that we were willing to drill offshore in the US ...Gas went down $0.40 cents a gallon at my gas station in Missouri. (since we don't know your name, we don't know which coast you live on...maybe YOUR gas didn't go down and you would not be aware of that) But I guarantee that when you announce that you are going to drill in ANWR before you pump the first barrel out of ANWR, gas will drop by $0.50 a gallon.

This Texas A&M professor says it should only take between 5 & 10 years to see real production out of Alaska. The only reason your estimate may sadly be correct, is because of the time the environmentalist (who have never visited ANWR) will be fighting it in court. Those same environmentalist that stopped us from building Nuclear Power all over this country. It's obvious by your tone, that you think..."Golly...this hayseed just figured out that oil prices effect the economy"...Your attitude toward the "Red States" is showing a little more than you think.

While Bill Clinton was in the White House, deciding NOT to go after UBL, while terrorists were in our country training to fly planes into our buildings. Buildings that I was standing in/on, less than a month before they came down. Is that Bush's fault?

I don't have any ill will toward the Chinese, I do business with the Chinese and sadly, my experience is that their quality and work product is often times superior to US alternatives, and faster to delivery. If they cheated, they are cheaters...My point was similar to yours...Google is great...go research out the Chinese Gymnast and/or Obama's childhood for yourself...and make your own decisions.

I'll believe your claim about Obama, and the flag, when I see him wear a flag pin on his lapel, not before. If it's political dirty trick's it should be easy enough for him to put on a EVERY OTHER candidate from any party wears.

Obama may not be a Muslim, he DID go to a wacky extremist church for 20 years...he WAS listed as a Muslim when a small child attending a Muslim Seminary for 4 years. (I guess all people who go to catholic school don't end up catholic, so you could still be right).
Obama says his father was "raised a Muslim, but by the time he met my mother he was a confirmed atheist..."

Maybe when you cross an Muslim and an get a Jeremiah Wright "Christian". That's a joke...ha ha...(please, have a sense of humor)

You call France a leading country?? really Leading Country?!?...only in unemployment...and anti-American ideals. Hopefully you only meant they were leading in Nuclear power plants, otherwise you are just discrediting yourself.

It's obvious that you are not a fan of the war...and really who is, but I would much rather go smoke them out, challenge "all comers" over in Iraq & Afghanistan then here in the US.

Saddam Hussein was a tyrant to his own people and was a world problem, and Bush lead a coalition of world powers to take care of the problem. "No WMD's they say..." Read the post above. The war in Iraq was both terribly sad, devastating to many many families, and at the same time saved the lives of potentially hundreds of thousands in Iraq, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, and most importantly (yes I said MOST importantly) here in the USA.
The Taliban, is cruel and preaches the most repugnant treatment of women, and unfortunately they were brought to power by a "Cut and Run" mentality in the 80' that history should have taught us is a bad plan, however one that Obama wants to implement again in Iraq. You question McCain's post soviet geography...Does Obama know his middle eastern recent history?

I still support Bush, even though I don't like 100% what he has done (or not done). When I shook his hand, looked him in the eye, spoke with him face to face, I could tell he was a man of principle and integrity. Courageous & willing to make the hard decision even when it's not popular and I believe that history will be on his side in years to come.

Your hatred of Bush is all too transparent, it is pervasive and permeates the very words and rhetoric that you use, even when you don't think you are using rhetoric. No matter who is elected this next time I guarantee you that I (Mark Hillenburg) won't have such extreme contempt and hatred for our Commander in Chief. The hatred that many of (the crowd that you have aligned yourself with) so readily displays. I'm sure they would be proud of you standing up for their ideals so vigorously, albeit anonymously, here on Hillenblog.

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to keep our interesting string going.

I am not sure why your response suggested that those were MY facts? I am further not sure why your response introduced ad hominem attacks. The facts I cited are simply facts, not my facts, not your facts, just facts. I am not the Energy Information Association. Obama is a Muslim (is that a fact? No), Obama won’t salute the flag (is that a fact, No). I was simply saying vote for real reasons. I would assume (possibly incorrectly) that your original post had to do with substantive social issues such as abortion, legal rights for same sex couples and the like. I fully support your choice to vote on issues that matter to you. However, I get tired of people droning on about half-truths and misstatements, and people intentionally reporting them are not helping this country do anything but become more divided. As far as energy, we probably agree in many ways (absolutely not on drilling here, for a number of reasons outlined below), but nuclear has to be part of a solution. I will now respond more directly to some parts of your post.

A number of comments made in your post concern me.
-First, “since we don’t know your name we don’t know which coast you live on.”
Why do you feel the need to know my name, I am only pointing out differences in opinion, such as those above. I was born and raised in the Midwest. This intense focus on my name is misplaced. I suppose if you feel like attacking me as a person, then knowledge of my name would allow you to make attributions while referring to me by name, but the aggressive tone you use, is very curious.
-Second, my attitude toward the Red States. When did I say anything about Red states? You did read what I said about Ron Paul, I thought Republicans from Texas were the definition of Red. I said I would vote Republican if they ran a fiscal conservative, and someone who respects the bill of rights, not someone who wants to use bigger government to impose their will on others. I thought big government intervening in our lives was supposed to be a democratic position. I voted for Bush 41 (and would vote for him again, I gave McCain a STRONG look 4 years ago, not now). Saying that I don’t approve of Bush 43 does not imply all of the labels you’re comments attempt to attach to me. Disliking Bush 43 does not mean that I am a wacko liberal from the coast who hates Midwesterners as the post implies.
-Further regarding Bush 43. I don’t hate him personally. I disapprove of his policies I guess that is me and 70% of the nation.

Why is it alright to spend billions of dollars in Iraq and still give tax cuts? This makes no sense (if we as a nation are committed we need to sacrifice as a nation). Now our children’s children will be paying down the monster deficit created in the past 8 years. What if China decides to dump US denominated debt (of which it owns trillions of dollars?). I don’t believe the ballooning federal government and huge budget deficits are conservative/republican ideals (Bush 43 increased taxes because it needed to be done, and this contributed to the strong economic run during the Clinton years). This is the same “I want everything, but don’t want to pay for it” attitude that lead so many to make themselves house poor and presents us with the current housing crisis. A crisis which, whoever is elected will have to bail us out of, because we are no where near the end of the credit crunch.
-Speaking of whichever President wins, let me quote your post, “I guarantee you that I won't have such extreme contempt and hatred for our Commander in Chief.” Did I misread your frequent contempt for Bill Clinton?
-Your post suggests that Obama doesn’t know his recent Middle-Eastern history (my comments about Chezlovakia are the result of repeated misstatements by McCain, not single slip ups). I know we all misspeak from time to time, but McCain seems to make these comments consistently, i.e. MULTIPLE occasions for the same comment. Regarding McCain and recent Middle-Eastern history, see the clip below from Fox News. It is not that he misspoke that bothers me, everyone does that, it is that he made the same mistake multiple times and didn’t even correct himself until Sen. Lieberman stepped forward and told him about the mistake (i.e. he DID NOT KNOW).

Talking energy, the post refers to “my estimate” of drilling in ANWR. I am not the Energy Information Administration (EIA), nor am I a opposed to nuclear power, nor did I make any assumption about you just figuring out oil prices impact the economy (I said, you know better)

As far as the reduction in prices ($.50) for saying we will drill in ANWR, I strongly disagree. The EIA suggests, as do most neutral economists, that the ultimate impact of these drilling ventures could/will be negated by OPEC reducing production (i.e. balancing supply and demand). The tail can’t wag the dog, we can’t produce less than 1% of the nations oil needs, and expect that there will be continued reductions in oil prices. China is already aligning itself with Iran to ensure their sources of oil. China will have no problem sucking up more of the world oil supply. I am not saying it is right, I am not saying I agree with OPEC’s probable decision. What I am saying is that in the real world, crazy nut job environmentalists exist, and they will throw a wrench in whatever plans are made. Further, my point is that the US simply lacks resources to develop it’s own oil (drilling here is NOT A SOLUTION). And in my opinion weakens us by removing a degree of freedom if the situation in the middle east really goes south.

I will close with a couple of points on what I perceive to be misstatements:
-Obama attended a “Muslim Seminary” wrong:

-Do you really believe not wearing a flag pin means you are not patriotic? Why weren’t people wearing flag pins before 9/11? Were we all not patriotic? The Oklahoma City bombing had happened, and flags were flying across Oklahoma’s politicians (for a while). Was Bush Senior (a great president by the way) not patriotic because he didn’t wear a pin? All of this Obama doesn’t say the pledge of allegiance, doesn’t wear a flag lapel, and doesn’t hold his hand over his heart?

CT said...

Do I agree with everything in Mark's post? No. I applaud him for his conviction and owning what he believes. As to your post, I give little thought to the ideas and rants of someone who will not own them in public. If you want to have a serious discussion why not own your thoughts instead of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.
Chris Talburt

Hillenblog said...

I'm glad to see that you have returned...for whatever reason you feel it necessary to maintain your anonymity (like maybe we work together) ...I will respect that. In the past I have had my fill of personal rancor inflicted from the blogs anonymously...(that is why I so aggressively went after that point...maybe I am a tad oversensitive after blogging for so long) and since it does not appear that is YOUR motivation...I am inclined to continue our conversation. The last thing I am interested in is personally attacking someone. It is your ideas that I have a problem with...not you.

1. I refer to "your facts" because they were the facts that you chose to use as other reason. Actually the facts are...that the facts don't agree. I can find facts that counter the facts that you find (generally speaking) there are probably some issues where the facts are all more aligned with your side...and some issues where all the facts are generally aligned with my side. There is an old saying...Figures lie...and liars figure...and unfortunately the American public has been abused by our politicians in this way for generations. To the point that most people don't believe any facts...and consequently will fall for almost any lie. Now you may say...I have fallen for the lie from the right wingers that Sen. Obama is a Muslim. However I will argue that you have fallen for the lie that he is not. What constitutes a lie? Something that one says, or something one does. (Hypothetical) What if Sen. Obama converted to Christianity (as he says he did) but only because of political expediency. Is that a lie? or is he fooling himself? It comes down to a heart issue, What is inside the mans heart...and there are no facts that can read that. It is a judgment call for the voters...and my judgment tells me not to trust him in this area. Yours tells you something else.

2. I apologize for making you feel that I went ad hominem, partially I was trying to provoke you...and my "coast" and "red states" comments were designed to get you to tell me a little more about yourself...which you did. Thanks.

3. Don't get me wrong...Drilling here is a short term solution...but the oil companies need to be doing something to help our situation while entrepreneurs are out developing hydrogen, and electric and nuclear and wind and hydro. Your most certainly correct that OPEC will do whatever it can to wreak havoc on our economy...however we have to begin to move away...even if the initial amount is a token will send a message to our Arab friends that we mean business, and unless they want to be reasonable, WHEN the US solves the energy dilemma, we will export it around the world..and they will still be living in the desert. Time and time again the US has taken the free market and applied it to problems, and the free market has solved those problems. WWII brought us mass production on a scale that the world had never seen. Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the worlds economy and the way we interact with each other. Unleash that creativity and free market entrepreneurs on our energy dilemma, and we will undoubtedly solve it. Unfortunately, our government wants to regulate every inch of it.

4. Tax cuts create jobs and wealth, which increases tax revenues...Spending more than you bring it (by which ever party is not a good idea) The amount of debt that China owns is troubling, however if they do anything to devastate the US economy...who buys the goods and services that they are making? I can't figure out..are you fiscally conservative? Here is the test question. Would you rather have a smaller government or a larger one?

5. Where did you see frequent contempt for Bill Clinton. I merely asked a question...raised by your statement about the terror attacks. Do you think that Mr. Clinton did all he could to stop the attacks? Mr. Clinton was a successful president with moral flaws and failures that has led to the degradation of our society. At least the degradation of our national conversation.

6. I have never said that Sen. Obama will not salute the flag, say the pledge (some of that stuff is so obviously photo shopped it's silly). My only comments have been about him wearing one on his lapel. Does he do that? Why not? that is my only question. I did not question his patriotism. I questioned why he would NOT wear a pin...when it is politically expedient for him to do it, rather than not. Why create this argument? He MUST have a reason. I would just like to know what it is.

7. So my guy doesn't know about Czechoslovakia...I don't really expect Sen. Obama or McCain to understand the specifics of every geo-political struggle going on in the world. This has been a long standing tradition of trying to get the candidate to mis-speak, not know the name of some obscure president in some obscure country that keeps changing their name. Do we really want our world leaders to know all this detail...isn't there a cabinet position and an entire Department of State that focuses on that....However, I guarantee you that every world leader knows who John McCain is...his history, his bravery and they respect him. I'm not convinced the same holds true Sen. Obama.

8. The Madraseh. I'm sorry...I just can't watch anything from CNN. People say that Fox is biased...CNN is un-American. All you have to do to know that is travel outside the US and try to watch it. They have a separate news room, different complete tone and bias...that is blasting the US continually. CNN is discredited and their reporting is not trustworthy. (if you want to throw out Fox...that's fine) then if this debate continues in the future...I won't reference don't reference CNN...and we can have a civil conversation. The Issue...Why would it be "SO BAD" if he did go to a Madraseh...for a party that is so inclusive...I'm not sure why this issue is fought and defended so vigorously.
...if he went to Catholic School...does that make him Catholic? No. If he went to Muslim Pre-School...does that make him Muslim? No. Does it allow room for questions? yes.
I watched the replay of the full Civil Forum from Saddleback Church last night.
To be honest, I was impressed with Sen. Obama. (don't get me wrong...I'm not voting for him) but I was impressed with his answer's and his willingness to even be there. He is a thoughtful guy...His answer to the "Supreme Court Judge" question was much better than McCain's. (I personally just don't agree with it) but it was a thoughtful answer.

I truly believe, based on all the facts I have at this time, that John McCain will:
Keep us safer from future terrorist attacks than Sen. Obama.
He will reach across the isle and build a coalition of compromise (that our country is founded on...yet we are so afraid of in recent years) to solve our energy dilemma...where I think that Sen. Obama will be controlled by the environmentalist's who will not allow wind (there are already lawsuits to protect the birds) no hydro...and no drilling.
Sen. McCain, in my opinion is a true patriot and an independent thinker and which I am still not convinced that Sen. Obama is any of those things.
I think the John McCain's choice as VP is a strong nomination...and one that is historic for women and one that shows his independent nature and ability to make the non-popular decision, however I think that Sen. Obama, gave in to his party and nominated an old school Washington Democrat (although I am impressed with Biden not living in DC...and I like him when he is on Imus...and at least he did not fold and pick Hillary)...instead of taking the opportunity to create "real" change inside Washington by creating a fresh young ticket that would allow him to fully embrace "Change" and make it the central focus of his campaign. (I know that is the central focus...but with ole' Joe Biden on the seems hollow)
I'm happy to continue my support of Sen. McCain...even after considering your points and arguments. I hope that you will do the same with mine.

Anonymous said...

I am in the gleeful position of knowing both Hillen and Anonymous, quite well. I must say that I respect the opinions and debating skills of both and am enjoying keeping up with the discussion. It would be something if this was widely read and people actually made up their own minds rather than voting for the candidate with the prettiest ads. Sorry, Hillen, for being yet another anonymous commenter. I'm not going to be the one to ruin the fun!

Hillenblog said...

I guess that The most Recent Commenter (that knows us both) is Kyle H. and that the anon debater Alex M.

Am I close?

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous debator who stuck up for china, you need to look at history. how can you defend china? their gov't is totally evil and devoid of God. they treated American POWS (and others) like crap. They stuck glass straws up the urethas of pows and shattered them and forced them to urinate. Guess how that must have felt!?!They are pure evil. Don't sit there and defend them. Your other arguments are rather unfounded and could easily be debated as well. You should take some pointers from Hillen.