Saturday, December 06, 2008

Operation Security Blanket

We really need some more people to commit to going on the HSBC Missions Trip this Spring Break. Several of us have been working for over a year to make this happen. I would hate for it all to come to an end because we can't get a group to go. We need at least 4 more people to commit (that means Gary Wilson needs $200 by the 14th of December) If you wonder what we are doing...check out the website dedicated to the project.

If you don't think that you can go...but you would like to get involved there are plenty of ways contribute.

First you can Pray for us...Second we will be needing financial support for the project, even though we have had several very large corporate sponsors donate equipment to make this happen. We will have expenses like freight on all the stuff, etc. could get involved by individual sponsoring a team member or if you would rather you can simply give to defer the costs of the whole trip. See Gary Wilson for either option.

Lastly....Consider making the trip. It's $1500, with a $300 scholarship for HSBC members. There are men and women, boys and girls that are going on the special skills are required. Please consider it! WE NEED YOU!

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