Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Food Inc." A contrarian viewpoint & Fact Checking

Check out


Bryan Tucker said...

just a few sites for you to get both sides of the story...and you can make a decision for what's best for you and your goes way beyond beef

Anonymous said...

Here's who is behind stated on the site...

We are an alliance of associations that represent the livestock, meat and poultry industries. Together, our members produce more than 90 percent of U.S. beef, pork, lamb, veal, turkey and chicken.

I suppose it's no wonder they have a problem with Food Inc. and others with similar view points.



jahcriado said...

I love when people say "DAMAGE CONTROL" to try & sound like its the industry covering up things/backpedaling. Or maybe its because they've been doing this for decades & actually know what farming in advanced societies are about. Theres a great episode of Penn & Tellers BullS*** about the whole organic debacle & how the idea that this growing style is sustainable for millions of people is laughable (WARNING: show has much cussing & some nudity). Whatever happened to the ability of one group to like what they like, do what they do & let the rest of us go on about life? I'm tired of enviro-freaks trying to take things to task based on poor science & their wild emotions.

Thanks for the link.

Bryan Tucker said...

first off, i'm no enviro-freak...just an individual who would like people to know they have choices. having an open mind is something i value, apparently you do not. as the post above you mentioned, the people who paid for the "link" want to keep the veil over the eyes of the American public.

one thing i do want to make known is i in no way feel this type of farm can feed the country. i love farmers and know our country could not survive without them, it's what the country demand. most Americans, myself included, want and need food conveniently at times. however, i do value the nutritional benefits of grass fed beef and chickens. the nutritional superiority of grass fed beef and chickens is indisputable.

once again, my stand on this has nothing to do with the farmer doing what American's demand of them and making a living. my "beef" has to do with the mega farms and the way cattle are fed and treated, the way they are processed, and packaged. these companies want to keep the shades over our eyes so we don't know what goes on and all we know is we get meat for cheap!


Hillenblog said...

Wow...a debate on my blog...that I'm not a part of. I feel like I've "made it" as a blogger.