Saturday, July 02, 2005

Thanks to Ryan, Missy, FS. Walker...and iROG., Emack's & The Lofts at the Seville.


ThaiSteph said...

i've already heard that sky was amazing. way to go little sis! you've made me proud and i'm half a world away. after hearing all the buzz about the big debut, i listened to cin and sky sing amazing grace before i went to bed last night just to feel like i was part of it all. you're a proud dad and rightfully so...but i'm still waiting to hear from you all. take care

arog said...

American Idol here she comes... Awesome job Sky... Bo sang one song aqua pella, you sang 25!!!

Hillenblog said...

Steph...send me your email adress...and I can talk to you better :-)