Friday, July 29, 2005

To Cindy. On our 16 year anniversary.

The Top 100 reasons I love you.

1.Because you snuggle up to my pillow when I get up in the morning.
2.You laugh at my jokes, even when you don’t always want to.
3.You do our laundry.
4.You have taught our daughter to be a wonderful young woman.
5.I love to hear your voice when you sing or just speak to me.
6.Because you have more freckles than me.
7.You have the most amazingly gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen.
8.You wear your hair short for me.
9.You make the best omelets.
10.Even though I am a bad dancer you like to dance with me.
11.The way you are afraid of spiders and pick up snakes.
12.For when you laughed when we kissed the first time.
13.The way you look in the headlights of my car.
14.For when we go camping at the river.
15.For how beautiful you were when you were pregnant.
16.For the way you get silly around penguins.
17.Because you have no idea how beautiful you are.
18.For the way you love my parents.
19.The way all kids love you.
20.For cooking our meals.
21.Because you always listen (even though you may not talk)
22.Because you like to make fun of people with me.
23.Because you are a floor sitter.
24.You let me go in the dressing room when you shop for bras.
25.Because of the way you kiss me.
26.For who you are when no one is looking.
27.Because you paint your toenails.
28.Because you make great bread.
29.Our son loves and adores you.
30.Your swimsuit really doesn’t have a hole in the knee.
31.Because you love me back.
32.You make me feel important.
33.My mom loves you.
34.You flirt back.
35.Because of “the secret”.
36.For when you come to my work.
37.You are fun to travel with.
38.You like to eat out.
39.But you’re a great cook.
40.You get better with time.
41.We fit together.
42.You wear toe rings.
43.I loved you when you were a little girl.
44.Because you “Get” me.
45.You’re a fun date.
46. I’m fat…you don’t care.
47.For how you are when no one else is looking.
48.Because you love your family.
49.You make the best popcorn.
50.Because you’re my best friend.
51.For the way you wave goodbye to me as I pull out of the driveway in the morning.
52.For the way you stood beside me when we stood before the church.
53.For the way you stood beside me when we told your parents.
54.Because of the way you talk in your sleep.
55.Because you “heart” New York too.
56.Because you are very photogenic.
57.For when you sang to me at our reception.
58.Because you are jealous of me.
59.For when you take care of me when I’m sick.
60.Because of the way that you kiss me.
61.Because you like to hold hands.
62.Because we both fit perfectly in our “chair-and-a-half”.
63.Because you like to eat steak.
64.Because you are not “prissy”.
65.For your cute butt.
66.Because you turn our house into a home.
67.When I read Proverbs 31 I think of you.
68.Because you carried our babies.
69.Because you work hard each day.
70.You have the smoothest skin.
71.Your cute little “..scuze me”.
72.You have great taste.
73.I like your friends.
74.For the way that you look in a lil’ Abner costume.
75.Because you are a great Ninny.
76.We went to High School together.
77.For the way you look at me.
78.You make me comfortable.
79.You make me happy.
80.Because I cannot picture my life without you in it.
81.You know how to do a class reunion.
82.You say you like small diamonds.
83.For when you whisper in my ear.
84.Because you don’t make me drive the van.
85.Because you take out the trash even though that’s my job.
86.Because you like eating at Mangos.
87.You make the best sweet tea.
88.I know that you are proud of me…no matter what.
89.You make me a better man.
90.You inspire me.
91.You think I’m great at even the stuff I’m not good at.
92.You like to read.
93.Because of the way you love the Lord.
94.For being an awesome Mom to our kids.
95.Because you snuggle with me.
96.For the way you smile with your eyes.
97.Because you are the best wife anyone could ever want.
98.Because I like to call you Cin.
99.Because you have given me the best 16 years of my life.
100. And because I love calling you my wife.


millsie said...

that is so sweet

disinterested 3rd Party said...

Upside: That's an awesome list Mark! You guys are great!

Downside: #42
What the freak is a "tow" ring?
What can she possibly tow with that ring?

Hillenjunior said...
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SkyWriting said...

hey, i think i inherited those green eyes! yes!!!

hillenblog's wife said...

i am absolutely the luckiest woman on the planet. You constantly amaze me with how you love me, and between this and the cd of cindy songs, i am humbled by how much i take you for granted. Mark, you are my life, thank you, i am priveledged to be called your wife. I am sooooo blessed.

Hillenblog said...

Don't worry Greg...that wasn't the worst...I also had "Sweat" tea on there for a while this morning...I guess depending on what your Towing...Sweat Tea might be appropriate...especially last week.

rachelburch said...

I have goosebumps!

Hillenjunior said...

I do adore her don't I???

K2 said...

Awe! :-) I hope that when the time comes, I'm as lucky as Cindy is to have a husband who would do something so totally awesome to show his love and adoration!

Lisa Wilson said...

Well Hillen, I am pretty sure that GW could never come up with 10 things let alone 100 things.....You are so sweet, I guess that is why you are my friend.... Can you keep my kids when GW gets home?

Anonymous said...

I like it that my mommy and daddy and Skyler's mommy and daddy like eachother and share a similar bond.

SkyWriting said...

hayely queen, was that you?

millsie said...

probably, it wasnt millsie...

SkyWriting said...

kayla, i know it wasnt, our parents dont share the 'special bond' that i believe anonymous was refering to...or maybe i am wrong. who knows!

britt said...

that was so sweet, it brought a couple of tears to my eyes.