Friday, September 09, 2005

Contest...Be the 10K reader!

OK...sports fans...were rollin up near 10,000 page loads on the ole HillenBlog...and I though we need a contest. The 10,000nth page load...will win a prize.

I'll buy your lunch at the world famous Acomborro. All you have to do is capture a screenshot of the Hillenblog Blog counter on 10,000. Email the screenshot to

Viola...your eatin Mexican..Free of charge. Whats not to like about that!

Good luck (no cheating...photoshop fans)


Disinterested 3rd Party said...

Oh, ok. Dualling contests now huh? Free tea doesnt cut huh? We're up to meals now....that's cool. Maybe I can offer free insurance....ever thought about that?

(if you are reading this and employed with ANY STATE GOVERNMENT POSITION
the preceding statements are purely fictional. No rebating,refunding,discounting, or paybacking is implied or stated)

Robbeebob said...

WHAT? your giving me free insurance??? i would have just settled for the dinner. thanks royboy. (not that i need insurance)

Hillenblog said...

well...Somebody spent a lot of time to WIN the was pretty important to someone. I guess we will all have to wait to see who comes forth with the goods.

I supose that they are contacting thier attorneys...getting their affairs in people do when they win the lottery

Roywife said...

Who won? Who won?!

Anonymous said...

I did.

Watching you... said...

What if I'm employed with the federal government

Meredith said...

what is this i here? a contest? is there a winner?