Monday, September 05, 2005

Mayor Nagin's Reflecting Pool

I feel for the people who look to others (mostly their government) for everything they have. Especially when thier local government in incapable of any Leadership. Above are 205 New Orleans School Buses that are less than 3 miles from the Superdome & Convention Center. Enough to evacuate 13,500 people. Can we make Rudy Giuliani the Mayor of every major city in the US?


Disinterested 3rd Party said...

It's still W's fault somehow. I just know it.
Ok Hillen I've updated the blog. See if you can link my contest to your page! Oh my contest to your D_ _ _ page! I forgot we're cussing now these days!

K2 said...

Hillen, I totally agree. Don't you just love Giuliani! Clone Giulinai! Clone Giulinai! Clone Giulinai!

Anyways, I read an article today that echoed the thoughts I've had this past week (Why is the aftermath of Katrina so different than 9/11 and why is it only the people of NO causes problems?). It's a really good article. Here's the link.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm definitely the most political of the K's!

Robbeebob said...
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