Friday, July 21, 2006

The Naked Ladies

As I Left for work one morning this week, I was first struck by the oppressive heat at 7:30 in the am...but more impressed was I with about 4 naked ladies that were standing out in our front yard. These were not just any naked ladies...they were very tall and very beautiful. Of course the Naked Ladies I am refering to is the Amaryllis Belladonna.
This made me think back to about a year he place that cindy and I celebrated our anniversary...and how fun and relaxing it was. I wish we were going back there again...

"the Belladonna" 12 Echols St. Eureka Springs, Ar.

As I recall...the weather was about this hot...and there was no telephone, not much air-conditioning, no TV, and some really funky music on the CD player...and some books and a Jacuzzi. It was great...

The last week in July the Naked Ladies like to make themselves known all over the ozarks...but none not quite as beautiful as one particular yard on Echols Street or one particular yard on Prince Lane. Posted by Picasa

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