Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Your Turn to work the Grandstand! Ushers Wanted!

Work 6:00 PM to 9:30 as an usher for the OEF fair, have fun and laugh along with Scott, Hillen, Lotz, Burch, & Rog. Be a part of the FUN team, get free entry into all the concerts, and get PAID for it! July 27-Aug 5th nightly.
Contact Scott Mills .

Time Category Description Location
7/27/2007 8:00 PM Concerts Craig Morgan in Concert Grandstand
7/28/2007 5:00 PM Concerts 1st Hardees Blues Festival - Delbert McClinton Grandstand
7/29/2007 4:45 PM Concerts KY3 Talent Show Grandstand
7/30/2007 8:00 PM Concerts Kutless in Concert! Sponsored by 99 Hit FM Grandstand
7/31/2007 8:00 PM Concerts Saliva in Concert!!! Grandstand
8/1/2007 8:00 PM Concerts John Michael Montgomery in Concert! Grandstand
8/2/2007 8:00 PM Concerts Big Smith, M-Dock, The Skinny Improv Grandstand
8/3/2007 8:00 PM Concerts Eddie Money in Concert!!! Grandstand


rachel said...

I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

i cannot wait for the saliva concert...i heard them open once for pee & sweat...they were great!!!