Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 3 @ C3

Shamelessly Stolen from here. Thanks John Cremeans!

Here are some of the top quotes and questions I took away from C3...

  • Honor the old and promote the new.
  • You can’t lead out of the negative experiences of your life.
  • Practice taking second place (Rom 12 – The Message)
  • The enemy wants us to believe that want we do doesn’t matter.
  • God is preparing you for what he has prepared for you.
  • The enemy doesn’t want the church to take “turf” for the kingdom.
  • The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats.
  • Pit happens…It happens.
  • God allows us to break down so we can break out!
  • Betrayal separates the “players” from the “posers.”
  • You can’t institutionalize accountability…it is born out of love.
  • (leadership) If you love people you will measure their performance.
  • The cost of leadership is conflict.
  • You can’t lead people who aren’t thirsty.
  • God never gives bread that hasn’t been broken.
  • God is bigger than your background.
Are you praying high risk prayers?
What are the barriers that are keeping our church from being unleashed on this world?

Quotes...Again Shamelessly stolen from here...Thanks Mike Silliman

10) “There is always a Judas at your table, and they’re close enough to kiss you!” - TD Jakes

9) “Be bold enough to put the other knee down” - Ed Young Jr.

8) “Leaders live in the tension between living in community and living out responsibility” - Mac Richard

7) “All Leadership radiates out of the intersection of love and good deeds.” - Mac Richard

6) “As Pastors, we are called to work for the only organization that Jesus died for - the Church” - Perry Noble

5) “Starbucks has kept me in the ministry.” - Tommy Barnett

4) “The capacity to empower people is the greatest gift of a leader.” - Brian Houston

3) “The call of God is what gets you out of bed everyday, not a burden for something.” - Tommy Barnett

2) “Great men are just ordinary men that didn’t quit.” - Tommy Barnett

1) “You’re only as deep as the last person that you served.” - Perry Noble

OK, I couldn’t stop at 10…

Bonus Quote #1: “The cost of leadership is conflict.” - TD Jakes

Bonus Quote #2: “Leadership is really spelled L-O-N-L-I-N-E-S-S” - TD Jakes
Bonus Quote #3: Speaking about being betrayed in ministry and referring to Joseph being betrayed by his brothers and thrown into a pit…”Pit happens” - Ed Young Jr.

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