Sunday, February 17, 2008

An Open Letter to Akai USA

To whom it may concern:

I have had such a poor experience with support from you company, I can assure you that I will never purchase an AKAI branded product again.

Currently, I am on indefinite silence from your tech support call center, after it has told me that your offices are closed. They are only open from 8-9 Mon-Fri and 9-5 on Saturday. Well it's noon on Saturday! You say your open, but your obviously not answering your phones!

It is noon on Saturday, and I have been waiting all morning at home, instead of doing what I need to be doing today, for your authorized repair center (B&K Audio and Video) to show up (2 1/2 hours late) for a warranty repair. Only because I don't want to type that much, will I spare you the details of trying to deal with the local warranty repair company. Talk about incompetent, I'll spare you the details.

This repair for a known issue (power supply) that I had diagnosed based on internet postings about this particular model of TV. This all happened over a week ago. Now I am told that I have to wait for at least another week to get the part...that is "if AKAI has it in stock...sometimes they don't...and it will be longer. I can't say how long."

That is ridiculous!

I work for an electronics manufacturing company where we have our own tech support call center, and I know that you can do whatever you need to do to take care of a customer...and you simply don't care about your customers. Read a few reviews from the internet.

REVIEW BY: Trekar Reviewed Jan 05, 2008

DONT BUY AKAI. I bought a 42'' monitor in Dec 2006. It developed problems in July 2007. Akai took it in September and returned it in October with the same problem. They promised to replace it and it is now Jan 2008 and they have not. My kids and out of town guests for the holidays had nothing to look at. I paid $1500 USD for this crap amd now i have to deal with the worst customer support. PLEASE...DONT BUY AKAI.

REVIEW BY: Mark Reviewed Nov 30, 2007

AKAI USA is asboltuely the worst company I have ever worked with. It has taken them 3 months to send me a new TV in replacement for my bad one. I had a chance to get a full year warranty on the replacement one for a cost of 25$ but decided against it as there is no way that I am ever dealing with their service department again.

REVIEW BY: Reviewed Nov 06, 2007

Just got this TV delivered 2 days ago. My first impression is it's quite a decent product for the money. Don't get this TV if you don't have a hi-def source, the pic is only marginal. But with a hi-def source the pic is fantastic. With a PIP it would be all 5's for me. But we'll wait for the longevity to really see if it's a good buy or not.

REVIEW BY: Aguy Reviewed Nov 01, 2007

DO NOT BUY THIS TV. I had it for less than 6 months before it started acting up. It would not go to 1080p , it would just show a blue screen. The VGA came up very fuzzy, and the S-video had little dots all over the screen. The customer support is absolutely horrible. It took them almost 2 months before they even got back to me on my TV. I demanded my money back and just went with a Sony.

REVIEW BY: bfs4142 Reviewed Oct 31, 2007

I would not buy anything from Akai. I bought a 37 inch Akai 1018P LCD and it had a problem. I had the TV for 7 months and I could not get any service work done on the TV. I finally gave up and got my money back. I bought a Philips 42 in. 1018P LCD and it is great. Has features the Akai does not have. Do not buy Akai......

I will not be so foolish as to purchase any of your products again...


However, I cannot say enough about how good it is to buy products from SAMS. I purchased a flat screen TV last MAY, having basically no issues with it until last week, when the power supply went bad. I was at my wits end trying to get any type of service out of the manufacturer. Finally, in desperation, I called SAMS, and explained the situation. They said...Bring it back...We'll give you your money back. I did. They did, and I bought a new TV from ...where else....SAMS! The only place I will be buying TV's from now on!

Maybe the manufacturer will not stand behind their products, but SAMS is a friend to the common man. They have the clout and the size to make them take back AKAI's defective products. When they don't want to, or don't want to provide a modicum of customer support. Say what you want about SAMS, but for me...I'm a fan.

THANK YOU SAM WALTON & Store Manager Tom Conroy!

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Anonymous said...

Finally I found a place I will complain. I will never buy an akai tv or anything they make ever again. They have the worst customer service ever! I am out $800. for the tv and $50 to ship it to California. I have been dealing with this tv issue since last year. I will never buy this product ever again. I will tell everyone to never buy this product ever again. From a mad Texas woman. Have a good day!