Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok People...This is a threat!

I have a problem with some of you people. LEAVE A COMMENT. I mean...I know your there. Your watching, what the internet world calls "Lurking" which means...your reading...(Taking) but not giving back anything. It is your participation that makes this silly little thing called the blogs...magic.

Think of it like this. The regular bloggers provide some meager attempt at some entertainment, humor, prose or whatever...and you (the lurkers) like to read it...but you don't want to pay for it. Or even tip your hat...that what you just spent 30 minutes reading was...good, bad...or stupid. Your taking 30 minutes out of your day. Take 30 seconds...and drop a comment. Give us some feedback. Engage. It is your interaction that we desire to hear.

I mean...consider this. I know your coming to the blog. This is my last 30 days stats:

Page Loads -- Unique Visitors -- First Time Visitors -- Returning Visitors
10,932...........3,722...................2,212........................ 1,510..............Total
353................120.......................71.............................49..................Daily Average

120 unique visitors a day...71 of whom are first time, and 49 of which are repeat visitors. ..49 a day!

Now consider that the largest comment total I can recall is 14.--14...out of 49 a day. THAT IS PATHETIC PEOPLE! is the threat. Since the 14 comments came from old video tape...that was embarrassing to some...and funny for even more. IF I don't start getting some more comments on here. I'll be posting more OLD and EMBARRASSING video tape...Don't think I don't have it. Weddings, Children's Musicals...JV name it...I have a lot of embarrassing material on you people...and I'm not afraid to use it!



Eddie Lyons said...

Mark, This comment is my attempt to encourage the father of all bloggers among us. My hands are clapping and I am standing to my feet. Please keep it going. Eddie

Missy said...

Sounds like you and Sammy B need to start a club.

Here's how I see it: I can understand that you want feedback (or credit) for all of your hard work. However, there is not always a necessary response to a post. personally, I'm glad there are not a lot of uninteresting comments to read. I know I only comment when I'm prompted, not just for the sake of doing it. But whatever.

SammyB said...

I am right there with you man. I posted this on my blog a while back. It has been a frustration of mine too. Although, my blogs get NO WHERE EVER NEAR the traffic of the infamous Hillenblog.

I guess I am more worried/concerned about the Catchaflick website comments than I am with the SammyBBlog. Most of my comments on the SammyB one are from family.

However, I would love more comments on the CatchaFlick Blog. COX and I spend a pretty good amount of time watching movies & blogging about them. Sometimes it would be nice to get a little recognition of the blogs that we post. Even if they are negative/critical comments, it would be appreciated to get a little love. I mean, how long does it take to leave one? (especially if you leave the comments section open to non-bloggers).

So, with that said, I am going to need YOU to start posting some comments over on the Movie Blog. :)

See you at the Movies!

admin said...

ditto to missy's comment.

TangoDelta said...

I think some of the people that are in your stats do nothing more than visit your page to:

1. See where their blog is on the "popularity" counter.
2. Find someone else's blog.

That said, I think you are correct - it's so boring to blog and not have anyone respond. And for the record, I finally blogged again - that's twice in the month of March! If I get ambitious, I might even squeeze one more in before the month is over!!

Hillenblog said...

Thanks Pastor...Missy and Ryan...I hear you, feel free to comment only when prompted. The stillest water runs deep.

Sammy B. I' hear ya. Hears my deal. I hardly ever watch a I'm not lookin for a review that often..but I will venture over to Catchaflix.

TD..I realize i am the links page for a bunch of people...and that is one of the reasons I like blogging. I just see it like this. I get plenty of comments in person about the blogs...but I think it will be funner for everyone if the community shares in the comments. Of course I could just looking for credit, recognition, and trying to feed my self centered, self indulgent, self absorbed self.

TangoDelta said...

That's a lot of self!
Actually, I find myself amazed that you are able to blog as much as you do. I know how busy you are, and yet you manage to connect with a lot of people this way.
(I don't think you are doing this for selfish reasons...)

Andrea said...

So before you whip out footage from the year that I was the cow in the nativity for The Living Christmas's a commment.

As a fellow blogger, I understand your desire for comments. Everytime someone leaves a comment for me, I feel like it is a virtual pat on the back or an "atta girl."

When I think about the times that I leave comments on blogs, I've usually been prompted by a question.

Thanks for commenting on my blog...whenever you get around to reading it!

Anonymous said...

how many do you have to have before people will buy advertising?


team bartlett said...

No comment . . .

Just kidding. I'll admit I'm a lurker. I check your blog about every weekday, and peruse through the blogs on the side from people I knew way back when . . .Becky, Bethany, Brittany, Andrea. I love to read Rachel's even though I've never met her, she appears to be a good friend of Mandy's, so I'd like to think we would be friends if I were still in Spfd. Another reason I don't comment? I tend to get long-winded, and it becomes more than a comment.

Anyway, hillenberg, thanks for your blog. You are my portal to Springfield and my childhood.