Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is a Comment directed toward the Coachers 100 days Blog

Lotz...sorry I had to call you out like this...but your blog has a comment bug in it...and it is DRIVIN ME CRAZY (said like Skyler when she is imitating Kaitelin from SNL...RICK,RICK, RICK!)

By coacher on 3/27/2008 8:39 PM
you may think that 100 is the blog ratio (100 to 1) of coacher blogs to the other lazy so-called bloggers of dtb, BUT it is not. how many days from today that i will be getting married to a smokin' hot jenny lynn bybee. 100 is the number of days i have to wait until i get to marry someone who should be out there with some 6'3" buff, rich dude that is searching for a cure for cancer, BUT she is with this coacher!! how lucky am i?? well in the words of ben folds, I AM THE LUCKIEST!

that is all
i am, coacher
p.s. i can handle the dtb load. i have the shoulders.

Hillenblog says...
Lotz...first of all, your right. Second of all. 100 days is a stinkin long time - you should keep a close eye on her at least for the next 99 days. Then take a break for a day...then keep an even closer eye on her for the next sixty years or so. are just starting to come to the realization that all of us who have married way over our heads have experienced...It's called "Living the American Dream"...I think HS, Burch, Admin, CT, Tuck all know what I am talkin about here.

Fourth...its gets even better...especially long 101...and I am here to report it just keeps gettin better after that. I am coming up on day 6935...and I have no complaints yet.

So...Keep count'n 'em down...and start count'n em back up again...cause brother...You are livin the American dream!


Hillenblog said... is a perfect example. I have received no less than 4 comments in person about this post. But comments on here - big goose egg.

OK...Maybe I am obsessing about this. I'm dropping it.

future mrs. coacher said...

no need to keep an eye on anyone here. i am staying put, and i am crazy-happy about it.