Monday, October 20, 2008

Even though...

...the Cowboys lost...We still had a good time. Of course you notice that all the highlight pictures are during warm ups. That was when the Cowboys looked their best yesterday. At least the Longhorns beat Mizzou....and the Chiefs lost. It's not like it was a completely bad weekend.


becl said...

How awesome is THAT?! So glad you got to go. Even if they did lose.

SammyB said... least the Longhorns beat Mizzou in the first half. :) I wish that the Tigers would have come to play in that first half.

...and just curious, but are you from Missouri or Texas??

What is it with Missourians not being fans of Missouri teams??

Hillenblog said...

Did they outscore the Longhorns in the second half? Maybe you should check out Barrett's blog...I think it says it all.

...and just curious, why won't Mizzou come down here and play MSU...and why did they fight the SMS-MSU name change for over a decade? I say that Mizzou gave up on Southwest Missouri, long before we gave up on them.