Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It has come to my attention...

That Admin has a hotter more happnin' blog than I do...So I have to ratchet up the rhetoric and political rancor to try to punch up the comments.

Let me make 10 statements here and see if we can get some controversy brewing.

  1. I think it's wrong to allow your kids to dress up for Halloween.
  2. I think all couples should see each other before their wedding.
  3. I think all Missions Candles should have more than one label.
  4. I think smoke machines, strobe lights and dramatic lighting in church is just fine.
  5. I think that Hussein is a funny middle name.
  6. I think that Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8 is a contentious woman.
  7. I think Skyler is too young to get married.
  8. I think that the King James is easier to understand than other versions.
  9. I think that fanny pack's don't look good on anyone...even my mother.
  10. I think that Jen should bring back her blog.
I remain...Hillenblog.

PS..if you don't want to take me to task on any of these items...then add some of your own controversial subjects...and we will see what the others think about your comments.


skyler said...

I think it's a sin to color your hair an unnatural color.

Andrea said...

I just blogged about #1 and I strongly agree with #6 (it gets so bad that sometimes I have to change the channel)

Hillenblog said...

I think that CT & Jenny are using an unknown translation of the Bible at their house.

bryan said...

what about adults dressing up for halloween?

Anonymous said...

OK... I'll bite. I know #4, the strobe lights and smoke machine is not un-biblical. The problem is it works too well for me! It gets me excited and I get pumped up! That's the whole purpose of it, isn't it? My point is it does nothing to transform us inwardly for the purpose God had in redeeming us (Rom. 8:28, 29). The sheep and, let's be honest, goats (He said the church was wheat and tares. I'm in no way judging anybody. He said that... Matt. 13:25) are both stimulated by the lights and the flesh (outer man). Church (building) is for the edification of the body (inner man).

Lest you think I see myself as super spiritual, I don't! That's why the things that appeal to the flesh scare me when it comes to church. I totally relate to Peter. I am constantly eating shoe leather (like now) by saying something stupid. I'm sure the devil is desiring to have me knowing I'm such easy prey. When Jesus gives me something to do I say, "What about him?" But thanks be to God that His faith is not in me but on the finished work of His Beloved Son!! I have to be reminded of that constantly!!

I'm a stupid sheep! I'm prone to wander...I see something shiny over there, I gotta check it out! I am distracted enough by thinking about our 401K or my kids well being. Or I can spend days pondering what curtains to get for the dining room/living room. (been 7 years still have no curtains) Meaning, I easily can take my eyes off Christ for the silliest things and believe myself to be a good person all on my own for awhile. Until Jesus comes and gets me again and says "Follow Me". I don't want my deceitful heart to think I am in communion with Him because my flesh feels happy and content in that moment.

Psalm 2 is interesting... The heathen for an inheritance for the Son. And He will break them with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel. Blessed are they that put their trust in Him. I'll just leave it at that or I'll probably be eating more shoe leather, but my point in bring this up is He says serve the Lord with fear and trembling. If I'm getting excited and pumped from the lights going on and off to the beat of The Beatles singing "All You Need is Love" I'm not really going to be serving the Lord in fear and trembling. I start to believe He is like me instead of me transforming to be like His Son. Yeah, I'm that self centered!

Now, some clarifications...

1. I do not believe that liking The Beatles songs makes you unsaved. Using it for worship purposes is what I'm talking about. That song I mentioned is repeatedly playing through in my head right now! Somebody make it stop!

2. I am not saying we can only worship the Lord with hell, fire and brimstone using a 1611 Authorized King James Version Bible. Or that if you are happy and content you must be living in the flesh.

3. I am not talking about any particular church other than the modern American church unless you have used The Beatles (who thought they were bigger than Christ, by the way) to try to draw people to Christ.

4. I'm not talking about losing your salvation when you take your eyes off Jesus for a season and He comes and gets you again. I believe if you are His sheep then He will not lose one, like He said.

5. When I said I was a stupid sheep I no way imply that I think all Christ's sheep are stupid. Certainly, there are many, many, many sheep who are not stupid and know and understand their position in Christ and can worship with lights and smoke machines and still worship the Almighty One in all His Worth and Glory. They will be the ones not commenting on this blog with a tell all like me! :) But since I started it by saying it...why stop now??

Cindy Holcomb

Hillenblog said...

Don't you wish you could ready Cind's blog every day...? How bout it Cindy...Ready to crank it back up?

Hillenblog said...

Tuck...Adults are fine...but not kids.

The Worley's said...

I think you have to be very careful confining distractions to what has been talked about, or saying trying to be culturally relevant is somehow just appealing to the flesh. Where do you draw the line? Is it okay that our church has a website? Is it distracting to use the screens? I don't want our kids area to be Chuck E. Cheese, but I don't think there is anything wrong with "moving forward." Trust me, we have been to enough churches that do a lot of things that could be considered distracting and not one of them used anything close to what we are talking about. I am saying all of this because I have spent way too much time in the past judging things about others and churches that fall into gray areas. Bottom line is-God is the one who judges the heart and He hasn't asked me to confront any pastors on how they are running their churches. Plus, I just had to stop worrying and thinking about this kind of stuff because this is what used to distract me.


I hope this makes sense, it is a little early for me to try and comment on a subject like this but oh well.

Hillenblog said...

I'm distracted by:

People that dress like they are still in a previous decade.

People that have lots of kids.

People that call me Brother Hillenburg.

Things that are done in church that are not Excellent. God honors Excellence.

Blog's that get way more comments than mine does.

People that use grammar and punctuation correctly.

People with no curtains on their windows.

People who talk about people with no curtains on their windows.

People who comment anonymously.

People who don't comment at all.

becl said...

1. I think Americans are bored...thus distracted. I really do!!
2. I think i remember a brother of mine who used to play the woman in all of our Christmas plays and have pictures to prove it.
3. I think it is time to want to know God more than we want to know our Presidential candidates. Don't get me wrong I know who I will be voting for and I will be going to the extra lengths to do it from a foreign field that is how important it is.
4. I think dryers are taken fro granted.
5. I think family meal time is important.
6. I think that family traditions are important
7. I think Dr pepper and root beer should be world wide.
8. I think Cindy should repost "dancing around the golden calf" I was going to comment.
9. I think reading books is important.
10. I think all pictures should be taken before the wedding ceremony!!!

becl said...

I forgot one
11. You will have to apologize to shouldn't have said that publicly!! or privately... or at all!!

rachel said...

Skyler showed me a bunch of blogs yesterday that are totally devoted to hating Kate Gosling.

If that's not proof that America is bored, I don't know what is.

SammyB said...

I love Halloween & so do my kids!
We have a Skeleton, a Werewolf, and Dorothy this year.

Anonymous said...

1. Nope, Halloween can be fun if you let it. Nothing wrong with dressing up and getting candy.


3.Works for me.

4.Matters of the heart.

8.Milk for the soul

Should a Bible believing Christian question his or her salvation, if they are Democrat? I vote from the heart, but my blood runs more blue than red. I think this is because I come from a more blue collar upbringing.


LauraD said...

Yay, Britt! Ok, Mark...what is #2 supposed to mean? Like date?

Hillenblog said...

Your right...confusing...I mean...all photo's should be taken before the wedding.

... said...

1. people that allow their kids to dress up for satan day are pushing their little ones thru the gates of hell...

2. if you see the bride before the wedding the day of, anything that happens thereafter is null and void...

3. wasting money on missions candles...that money should go to out of date bible thumping tracks...

4. if we allow smoke machines...strobe lights...dramatic lighting...we might as well throw MARIJUANA in their too...all satan's devices...

5. hussein...if you add up all the letters it spells antichrist...

6. i assume that jon & kate is a show inside one of those satan boxes...are you surprised that something devilish is coming out of one of those...

7. too young...that is not the problem...that boy she is hitchin' to plays them instruments of the wont find those in the early church...

8. KJV 1611 or face the wrath of the almighty (or 1769 since that is the one that is published today)

9. fanny packs are just instruments used to store money that should have previously been given to the lord and drugs

10. never read it the first time...i was too busy praying!!!

Hillenblog said...

Mom...I love you...I hope my fanny pack joke did not hurt your feelings. I support your right to wear your fanny pack.

Chad Watson said...

1. I wish people had this much discussion about my pictures. Wowsers.

Jenny said...

Cindy and Jen, I'm for having your blogs back.

I'm for dressing kids up for Halloween. It's cute, and I don't let them be scary things. My mom made me be Mary the mother of Jesus one year to make the holiday "more Christian-like," and it was the worst year of my life.

I like dramatic lighting (maybe not strobe lights...). It keeps it from being "routine" - keeps me from becoming stagnant in my pew. Church is not for my entertainment, but I'm for whatever gets people excited about praising our God.

I wish we would have taken all our pictures before the wedding.

I'm not sure what you mean about unknown translations, but I have used all of them at times.

Kate is mean. I heard it was all fake.

becl said...

okay so if we are going to get a controversy started for fun...what is the opinion of the Living Christmas Tree...or is that taking it too far? Yeah that is probably taking it too far. Were there strobe lights in that?

admin said...

what a great idea! kind of like 'truth' when playing 'truth or dare'!

1 - I DO NOT think smoke machines, strobe lights and dramatic lighting in church is just fine (with the exception of the living christmas tree!).
2 - I think the ESV is the easiest to read.
3 - I think Hillenblog should "guest blog" on dtb.
4 - AW and I considered the name Calvin (for Linus).
5 - I am not a liberal, but you would think so if we ever talked about gun rights.
6 - I don't think it's a sin to drink alcohol.
7 - I do think it's a sin to drink mountain dew. that stuff is disgusting.

can't think of anymore. sorry.

coacher said...

oh boy, here goes......
1. i think the 2nd coming could have possibly already taken place. i'm still studying that one.

2. i personally trust the integrity of the KJV bible but don't make a big deal of it as long as pople are reading whatever is God's word.

3. don't hate me... i secretly root for the cowboys to loose because i know how many of you bloggers love them. i am sorry.

admin: remember, guns don't kill people, stupid-*$# motha flippin' people with guns do.

skyler said...

I think if we're gonna simulate curse words we should just go ahead and let 'em fly. We are all thinking them in our head, anyway.

skyler said...

Ohhhhhhh, and I think that just because college is right for some people doesn't mean it's right for everyone. We all know what kind of response a statement like this can draw. I'm still going but I am thinking about just getting my associates.

I feel my comment is one of the most controversial so far: Let's see one of you get your car taken away for liking strobes or reading a different version of the bible.

Anonymous said...

I think that #1 is really funny considering that I remember you being the biggest duck in the puddle at Halloween. In fact, I seem to remember you crawling up on top of your roof and dangling a ghost from a fishing pole, scaring all of the neighborhood children (and parents) to death, and having a grand old time doing it!

Hillenblog said...

That last comment was my one says duck in a puddle...:-)

And your right...some of my opinions expressed above...are not real...I just was wanting to stir up trouble because I know that there are some people that read this that feel that way.

coacher said...

at my job, i simulate slapping some kiddos up-side the head, should i go ahead and do that?

don't answer that.

Hillenblog said...

I don't have any issues with anyone reading a different version...I just said I like the KJV...and I think it is easy to read.

Talking about bringing back the Living Christmas over the line. Period!

I would support more restrictive laws on guns. The problem is criminals don't follow the law. Which puts me in a bit of a conundrum. I would like to carry a handgun however. and I taught my wife to shoot a shotgun when she was 7 months pregnant (we had just gotten married...if you really want controversy) and I keep a loaded 12 gauge in my home behind my instant armed security system. Prowlers beware!

Coacher...a cowboy hater...I am hurt....and your #1 is freakin me out...

Admin...But do you think its a sin to get drunk?

"..."has to be Helter Shelter...I recognize that sense of humor...Or possibly Rider...Rider? Where are you?

COX...maybe just search your heart right before you cast your ballot...If your blood is ACTUALLY most concerned!

Skyler...Full Ride Scholarship vs. No Ride Car. Your choice...

Chad...We talked last week at our house how to make people comment this much about your photo's...however I don't suggest that. *wink*

Admin...I would love to guest Blog...Shall I devise a subject...or would you like to assign one?

hillenblogshappywife said...

yikes-a-be...I hate controversy. However, i am absolutely positive the second coming hasn't happened, cause I am still here.
And just for the record...we had been married at least 4 months by the time I was 7 months along, but i do know how to shoot a shotgun.
And just so you know, I don't care how many kids our friends have...keep em coming as long as they aren't coming from me!!!
Finally, the living christmas tree is a deal breaker for me. Been there, done that. Won't do it again.

Anonymous said...

Falsely accused !!!!!!! This is definitely not my comment. In fact, this is the first comment I have made in "many moons". You must guess again on the "duck in the puddle" person.

Your Dad (Hillengrand)

Dannah said...

I love,love, love Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8!!!! Let's face girls would love to give it to your husbands like she does! I am just sad that I don't have anything but "free" TV so I can ever watch her.

Dannah said...

can never watch her

iROG said...

1. It's fun and Vanilla Ice's Birthday...
2. Agreed
3. Feel strongly both ways
4. In addition to more cow bell
5. Okay
6. With that many kids, she should get an award
7. Love is never to young
8. ESV for me...
9. Agreed
10. Sure

bryan said...

admin, i get it, you don't hunt and probably can't think of anything worse to do. or, maybe you are just sick of the new trend of everyone and their brother getting conceal to carry permits. however, i, and many other bloggers and blog readers really enjoy sitting in the freezing cold weather for hours on end just to have our heart rates shoot (no pun intended) through the roof for a matter of minutes. just seeing that bird, buck, or bull laying on the ground makes us feel like a man, providing for our family.

so, i guess anyone who thinks we should do away with the 2nd amendment has never shared an opportunity with a father, family member, or friend in the woods. you can say, and make fun, all you want but until you actually experience it, you really don't know what you are missing. just do it. i know you'll actually enjoy yourself if you have a successful hunt, and if you don't then you can say whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Hillen,

While I'd love to be fodder for the blogging community, I think it best to just go back to my lurking (in the dark) until Bruce bans me from reading the blogs again! :}

Besides, you misquoted me...I never said anything about dramatic lighting. It was fast paced video's and 80's music! I'm not sure I want to participate any more in this kind of "gotcha" blogging!

Assuming, of course, #4 was all about ME!!! :)

Cindy Holcomb (Do I have to keep writing my full name, now? I know, I'll be Sister Cin.)

hillenblogshappywife said...

Sister Cin, love the new name...hopefully you know this is all in haven't been gone from the blog community that long! As hillenblogshappywife I give you permission to participate in gotcha games with hillenblog, he will give you plenty to call him on!:) just look for the label at the bottom of the blog. STUFF I HAD TO APOLOGIZE FOR. And he likes nothing better than to stir it up.
I hope you continue to comment if you aren't gonna bring back your blog...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was trying to be funny too bringing politics back in it with my "gotcha" as in Sarah Palin coming to town today and her "gotcha" journalism gaffe. I was trying to be transparent and humorous in my previous, previous comment as well but I'm thinking I better sign up for a class on how to communicate funny in written form or something! Or else go on a TV show like American Idol where the judges say, "'re just not as funny as you thought in your head!" :)

I forget most of you bloggers have known each other for decades and decades (not implying anyone's old here!!! :) and you guys 'get' each other. I probably coming off like a nut and nails on a chalk board!

Sister Cin

Hillenblog said...

i got your humor...

Can I call you Sister Sin?

skyler said...

I'm against 80's music in church, too. And 90's music for that matter. I think it's important to reach people where they are-and where they are is right smack dab in the middle of a fast paced, high tech world. I wouldn't encourage churches to start putting on rock shows every Sunday morning, but considering anything more than an orchestra and traditional praise team as not genuine worship is a dangerous presumption. People respond differently to different things, but I think on the forefront of everyone's mind should not be how loud the bass was but whether or not the love of God is being shown to people who come into the building. As someone that has helped to lead worship in our church, as of late at least, it is incredibly discouraging to look out and see men and women with their arms folded, or ears plugged, who have decided that what is more important than engaging in worshiping their Father is comfort and preference. I do not love every song that is played every Sunday, but who am I to decide that I won't participate because it isn't my taste?

These are all dangerous things to say, I know, but we're all being honest here, and if we can't be real and genuine with each other we won't function very effectively as the church. I could do a whole post about this.

Also, Cindy, I'm not trying to say you've done or thought or said any of these things, I'm just saying aloud some things I've thought about for some time, now, and the 80's music thing reminded me of it. As far as the Beatles thing: I don't worship their music, but I do enjoy it. The Beatles reckoned themselves to be equal with God. Amy Grant left her husband to marry a man she'd had an affair with. Would an Amy Grant song be okay to play in church?

I'm all for to the playing of secular songs in church, being that it fits the message being delivered. I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it many more times, I agree with Derek Webb when he says that we have freedom to sing about everything God is Lord over.

I hope I haven't just embarrassed myself here. I'm just trying to help you get to 57, daddy. :)

Dannah said...

I agree that we need to be relevant to today's generation, however, we don't need to forget the older generation in the process and thus isolate them. The church I am a member of has a slogan that they are a church of generations. this means that they attempt to reach all generations - young and old. I believe that to do that you MUST have something for all those generations - ie - music from whomever is the current popular Christian artist as well as the old hymns. I can personally worship to both of these especially since my worship can't and shouldn't be dictated by the TYPE of music but rather the attitude of my heart.

Those who sit with their arms folded and ears plugged need to go somewhere else. There are plenty of options - at least in my area - that have more conservative styles. The problem is that most of those people having the opinion that "This is MY church and I'm not leaving. Things should be done my way."

All I know is that I think we may all be surprised when we stand before the throne and finally see what really matters. I don't think it will be music or politics that we will be thinking about on that day.

Caleb said...

The whole Beatles thing saying that they were bigger than Christ was a joke. I am sure that John was just pointing out how crazy the popularity of The Beatles had become. As a believer, I'm not offended by that comment. As Christians how many celebrities do we 'worship' and not really, think about it.

skyler said...

I didn't mean to insinuate that I think we should be having only one style of music in our church. I love old hymns, and you all know that. I simply meant that it was concerning when only one style was tolerated, by any given group. The youth shouldn't chant, "Play some Hillsong!" every time we begin a hymn and the elders of the church shouldn't shut down if we do.

Dannah said...


I sure didn't think you meant that! I know you well enough to know where your heart is on that. I agree with you totally. Believe me - I've seen those who shut down. One thing interesting I found at HS was that the older people would shut down but when ever I was on the PT I saw the younger people still singing with all their might in worship no matter what we sang, even the golden oldies! They might not know them and might have a confused look on their face but they were still participating in the worship. They could teach a lesson to the elders! Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Anonymous said...

You probably see me as a legalistic, homeschooling, KJV only, stay at home mom, but I promise you God is sanctifying me from such legalism in the course of my salvation! I am fighting legalism as much as Brian McClaren and Rob Bell believe it or not. Opposite direction of course, but really the Emergent Church is just a product of modern American church.

I should define that term I use. Modern American church means to me when Billy Sunday's doctrines of no drinking, no smoking, no dancing, no playing cards, etc. etc. etc. took over Christian fundamentalism. The early 1900's. People rebel against legalism...and rightly so because that is NOT what living a life in liberty in Christ is about. Liberty is not the right to live as we please because we are free from the law keeping but the power to live as God requires. Surely, I am not the only one who has white knuckled in the flesh trying to do the right things to please God? I really, really, really wanted to dive into sin but fought it in the flesh instead of crying out to God for mercy? Not "putting on Christ" but living in self righteousness? Like Adam in the Garden. Devil said he'd be like God, he found out he was nothing like God. Instead of crying out to God he hides from Him and makes a fig leaf for a covering. Get that? He's hiding from God...he's going to fix the problem himself with a fig leaf. I've done that! Many times! But gracious, merciful, loving Father that He is, finds Adam and says no self righteous fig leaf will cover your sin but the blood from this animal that I killed will cover you. Understand? I know I am being preachy and vague but where we go from here will change everything.

Let me just say it is NEVER just about the music, the lights, the length of hair or number of tattoos. Trying to control that outward stuff is like putting a band-aid on amputation. I want to be really careful here because I know I am dealing with Brothers and Sisters in Christ and it is not ever my intention to offend but to edify. But what we are going to have to deconstruct here, if I may use a postmodern term, is going to take a lot of self examination. I think I said in one of my comments that this was a journey that I did not particularly want to go on and I meant it. But I praise God for it and I never want to go back.

Skyler, to answer your question directly, do the words of Amy Grant's song glorify God and not man? If so, I'm sure you could sing it beautifully! :)

Hillenblog, absolutely! Romans 7:15!!!

Sister Cin

admin said...

this whole relevance conversation gives me a headache, so i'll avoid it.

btuck - i have no problem with hunting at all.

admin said...

ps - i can't believe i'm helping out the enemy.

oh, and i do believe being drunk is a sin.

Mrs. Britton said...

1. I hate that you can't use "Halloween" or "Christmas" in most public schools anymore... it is now a Harvest Party or Winter UN-fun is that!?!

2. Pictures before were great for us!

Hillenblog said...

I wonder who taught that Skyler girl how to stir up controversy like this...

Hillenblog said...

Attention!!! New BLOG on board... Welcome Smitten...You have dropped on to the scene at a great time in the blogs...Political Blog Wars.

Welcome to the fray. Great looking blog so far!

Hillenblog said...

How could anyone have a problem with hunting after watching that totally hilarious hunting video...on Tuck's blog/facebook/Youtube...wherever it was.

Ashley said...

What is wrong with Kate? I love her!! Amen Skyler on the crossing of arms and plugging of ears. Coacher, I am with you on the thinking about slapping the kids, sometimes I wonder if I will be fired because I seriously think that at times it might be worth it to just slap them. Some kids seriously need it.

Joer said...

Well, my first thought was who would spend time commenting on Mark's 10 statements. After reading 52 statements my second thought is...

1 Corinthians 6:12 "Everything is permissible for me"—but not everything is beneficial.

Time for bed.


becl said...

Question: Is the plugging of the ears because it really might be too loud? Some people may have very sensitive ears or even equalibrium problems that could make them very uncomfortable.
Thing is, although we live in a high tech world we also have a church of many generations. The thought that we are pushing them out (the plugging ears generation) so to speak is unsettling. Maybe that isn't what we are trying to do but if we want to be a church to all, are we? Consider this a church who before worship even begins is gathered in groups praying for the service and meeting new visitors. Not in the same CLIQUES of friends that we talk to all week anyway. Can you imagine the power of the service as worshiping God begins with an attitude of what can I give not what I can get or dislike. I believe it is important to hold the attention of the believers but at the same time we are ONE body and sometimes as we come to church we aren't even ready to participate. We haven't even prepared our hearts and minds to what we are about to do, which is WORSHIP GOD. Let's be honest there is a chasm that is part of the worship. What if...the church fasted from it for a month? I wonder what God could do!
Yes I know I am across the pond but, I am still a part of HSBC and I miss it terribly.

Mis Memorias said...

I obviously came late to this discussion, but here it goes
1. If we were in Costa Rica I wouldn't allow my kids to dress up. People don't see it as a cute holiday, it is perceived as a demonic celebration. And if we knew about the demonic activities that go on that day in other countries we probably would abstain too.
2.don't really care
3.we haven't done at our church
4.I'm all for that
6.I never noticed but maybe because I'm a little contentious at times too. And if I had soo many kids I would be more than contentious.
7. I think people shouldn't get married before 24. (I got married at 24).
8.I read Reina Valera
9.My brother still wears one, and I wish I could make it dissapear.

I strongly dislike americans that think they are better than other cultures or races. And people that think everybody should just speak english!

Hillenblog said...

I agree US Americans such as myself and others such as.... And the Iraq.... Don't understand that most other countries speak their own language, English, and usually another. They don't have maps or even speak English very well. Or math. I personally agree with some of the um words I um have um like such as osama Americans that blog.

Hillenblog said...

that was from my iPhone how cool is that?

ToyHelen said...

Brother Hillen,

WOW! What interesting reading for a Saturday morning.

And my comments.....
1. Everyone knows how much I love Halloween. My childhood memories rush back every single year. And it was never evil. That is just how we did it in Texas, right Jan?

7. I think Skyler has proved how old and wise she is by her comments. And I for one say AMEN SISTER! As a Praise Team member since day one, (and thinking about steeping down, but ONLY because of age and talent, nothing more) it is very difficult sometimes. Honestly, once we start our worship service, I rarely am 'there', I am at His feet.

Skyler, YOU ROCK! And I am SOOOO glad we are friends

chandler rogers said...

this is blog history i believe. 58 comments!