Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friend Day Ad High Street


Anonymous said...

What a couple of wannabe's.

~HSBC member

Anonymous said...

A video all about facebook and friend day, instead of a video about Jesus and friend day. Am I bringing a friend to friend day to learn about facebook etiquette and to fill a seat, or am I bringing a friend to friend day to learn about the gospel of Jesus? At this point I'm not really sure of HSBC's motives here... Postmodernism?

Just so it is clear, I am not condemning either of the people in this video, I love and respect them both very much.

Hillenblog said...

Postmodernism? What is your definition...?and what does that have to do with this fun video?

If you don't know why your bringing a Friend to Church...then maybe you should go back and watch a few of the other "I am HS" video's on here recently. Or better yet...Go read all the words in RED in your Bible. THAT is why we bring friends to church on Friend Day. Or Every Sunday.

I guess you were against the Bus Ministry in the 70's because Jesus didn't have buses...he road a donkey. How is your Churches donkey Ministry these days? Or better yet even, how is your churches bus ministry?

Times change, Scripture doesn't.

Just to be clear...I love these super self righteous anonymous comments. I also love these guys on this video...enough to stand with them on Friend Day or any other day and defend them & our church from the narrow minded folks like you who can't see that things change. The Church of our grandparents is becoming irrelevant and you don't have a chance that your kids will be in church, any church in 10 years unless you change.

I want my kids and grand kids (not any time soon Skyler&Chad...plenty of time for all that :-) I want my kids and grand kids to be in church. A church that is relevant and matters to the world around them.

THAT is what I want you to see. PS...Jesus didn't invent "Friend Day" It's not even a Jewish Holiday...I think maybe Dr. Cavin did...and I think "Round up" Sunday is just around the corner....get out your hat and chaps.

@matias72 said...

Christ was a postmodernist for his day. He worked on the sabbath and sat with publicans and sinner for dinner. That was unheard of for a Jewish Rabbi to sit with those who were unclean. Christ, his disciples, and the apostles worked hard to be relevant to the peoples needs - even if that meant to not follow tradition. I stand with you Mark and with our Pastor!!!!! Paul teaches us to be all things to all men so that some might come to salvation - 1Cor. 9:19-26 Check it out!!!

bob roth said...

The Church of your grandparents is not irrelevent. The church ( in general ) is being weakened through the views of those who seek to unite Protestant Churches with other faiths. It's not a popular view, but Rick Warren is one of those people. And we are to rally behind his ideas? The Nazarene Church ( in which I grew up in ) has been nearly destroyed by the Purpose Driven, and Emergent doctrine. I can't stand to see it begin to happen to the BBFI Churches. BOB ROTH

Hillenblog said...

Bob...Thanks for signing your post.

My Grandparents Church is not 100% irrelevant, but it is neither 100% relevant. When my Grandparents were my age, 50 years ago roughly, a lot has changed. (see the post above) Surely you are not saying that you think you can minister effectively to people in the same manner you did 50 years ago? I'm not talking about WHAT we teach or preach, I'm talking about HOW we do it.

I'm not sure why you think that anyone is wanting to unite HSBC with other faith's. I'm not even comfortable with you lumping us in with "protestant" churches. That's a little too universal for me. I'm happy to be and stay Baptist.

Rick Warren is Southern Baptist.

Purpose Driven is a book, not a doctrine. Doctrines come from Scripture.

What is your definition of Emergent? what does that mean to you?

The BBFI is a Missions Organization, not a movement or denomination. It's a collection of "Independent" Churches coming together to do world missions. You couldn't get them to agree on anything. They can't even agree on what is appropriate dress for their missionaries and their wives to sleep in, (however I can assure you its not because of a lack of asking or talking about it) I digress.

The key word is Independent...getting BBFI churches to all agree is like herding cats. I have no idea what is up with the Nazarene Church...but I can tell you that HSBC is going to thrive and continue to reach people for Christ and change lives in this city & around the world because it is changing and staying relevant to the needs of people around it.

BOB ROTH said...

Media, and contemporary music are a viable way to reach people with the Gospel. I think the friend day video is fun! HSBC has done a good job in utilizing these tools in the past. The last two Sundays I was at High Street, Pastor Lyons sermons were right on target. Im sure he'll continue to lead High Street as God directs Him.
Rick Warren, Im sure is a good man. I dont understand about some of the people he has associated with. Emergent leaders such as Brian McClellen are teaching things totally off base. I do encourage you to watch the 10 minute video at I believe the Purpose Driven movement teaches us to be relevant at all costs.
The Emergent Church movement attempts to blurs the lines between Catholicism and Protestant Churches, and doesnt perhaps relate to Churches like High Street. But if we are Baptist and proud of it, why do we wish to hand over the Sunday night pulpit, through our home bible study video series to a Presbyterian ( Del Tackett/Truth Project), and a Pentecostal ( Jim Cymbala/fall bible study series )? Could this not create confusion in the congregation? A lot of Churches need to think about these type of things.
Hey I think you guys have an interesting blogsight. You guys all have my love and my respect, as does Brother Lyons and staff! You are the father and husband of the 2 greatest singers in Missouri. And as soon as this Southern Gospel Festival is over, I cant wait to watch your son and the rest of the Wildcats play some great football games. BOB ROTH

David W said...

Bob, I enjoy reading your perspective. Thanks for the civil dialogue. Dave Rogers