Monday, August 03, 2009

John Mark McMillan writer of "How He Loves Us"


Anonymous said...

Hey where's my version?! I know there is a video out there! :)

Sarah K

Sister Cin said...

Can somebody help understand what this is about? I get that he is emotional and broken about losing his best friend in an untimely death, but I cannot biblical discern his words about God. What does he mean by his friend gave his life as a sacrifice for the youth and God accepted that sacrifice? That sounds very strange to me. He said "Not like Jesus" then what is his biblical reference that God is accepting any man's death as sacrifice other than Jesus? For a movement to happen with the youth? He said that many have been saved 'from his song'. Is this song the gospel? Again, I am having trouble discerning a gospel from this.

Hillenblog said...

Yeah it's hard for me to understand what all he is talking about as well. I just liked the backstory to the song and knowing what the lyrics are about. Good thing we don't rely on songwriters to develop our doctrine.

This must be why they say "let the preachers preach and the singers sing."

I would however venture to say that a song can lead someone to the point of finding the gospel and making a decision to follow Christ. I think most would agree that say "Amazing Grace" has likely lead people down thru the ages to a place where they were ready to accept the gospel. Likely others songs as well. I don't think he was saying that this song literally saves souls. That is ludicrous.

Music is powerful. If it wasn't why would guys wasted all that time creating backmasking for that hard rock music on the 70's? ( ok just having a little fun there)

thanks for the comment tho.

Did you at least listen to the song.?

Sister Cin said...

Yes, I did listen to the song. I liked her version better. :) I listened to it several times actually because the song writer said that his song has saved many people. I was trying to find the gospel so that men might be saved.

What are the afflictions that are being sung about? Are they Christ's affliction's? Are they the affliction's of the song writer after the loss of his friend? If they are talking about the song writer's, then how do we get to her invitation to 'encounter the love of God'? I'm not sure I understand the language "encounter the love of God". From what I read in the Bible, those who have an encounter with God find themselves face down in the ground realizing the HUGE gulf there is between them and Holy God. Love is not what they are feeling at that moment. (insert emoticon of shaking in his boots) Isaiah said, "I am undone." If we are talking about experiential encounters only, I have to say in my unregenerate state I was not all that impressed with the Love of God. He's God...He should love me! It wasn't until I was under conviction of sin and I saw I how unlovable I am, did His love make sense. I didn't hear anything about sin, righteousness and judgment in that you hear in a song like "Amazing Grace".

I did not understand the sloppy wet kiss line, but I'll give him some artistic license here since you say we should not get our doctrine from songwriters. LOL! Although I think Chris Tomlin, Teri and King David would disagree with that! :)

hillenblogshappywife said...

I have to say that I love this song, but only really knew the chorus and the part of the first verse "He is jealous for me". Didn't really get the rest of it, just knew I liked it.
Tonight, I sat and looked at the lyrics as i listened to the song. The words " When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions (meaning this life) eclipsed by Glory and I realize just how beautiful You are" and I realized that this is speaking of the moment we leave this world and see Christ for the first time, I almost wanted to weep thinking of it.
If you look at the words of the last verse, it talks about His grace drawing us to redemption, and actually the whole last verse, is all about that.
I understand the need to have music that is about sin, redemption and judgement, but honestly, sometimes I need a song about how much he loves me... the encouragement of these words, and a reminder that the moment I see Him face to face is the moment I will truly understand just how much He loves us.

Sister Cin said...

"For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal." 2 Cor. 4:17 & 18.

Yeah, great thoughts, Cindy. He just had me so confused with the whole human sacrifice thing...***shivers***, it really tainted the song for me in a whole works righteousness thing for Him to love me. I actually listened to the top video first and felt no need to comment on it. It wasn't until I heard his story that I was questioning everything. Thank you for your perspective!

I guess all those years I was trapped in a works righteousness, Christian Principle Living lifestyle...thinking I could only be worthy of His sacrifice by doing, doing, doing and never finding rest. I'm so happy to final rest in the Sabbath that is Christ instead of worrying about is it right or wrong to miss church on Sunday! Now, every song about Christ, sin, righteousness and judgment is a love song for me.

Thanks guys!

Doug Sanders said...

What is meant by "heaven meets earth with a sloppy wet kiss?"

TheMarque said...

"sloppy wet kiss" might be a little obscure but I believe out is refering to "when heaven meets earth" at the end of time and after the Great Tribulation. That is the new earth. In David Crowders version he changes that line to "when heaven meets earth like an unforseen kiss"

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, great thoughts, Cindy. He just had me so confused with the whole human sacrifice thing...***shivers***, it really tainted the song for me in a whole works righteousness thing for Him to love me."

I dont think that was the intention of the song. In the long version of the song, he breaks down and cries and talks about how God surrounded Him with love after Stephen died. It isnt about works that gets God to love us. He just does. And thats pretty amazing to a sinful, messed up person like me. Psalms also talks about this when he asks "Who is man that you should be mindful of him?" who are we to God that He SHOULD love us? were all just messed up people, but He loves us. He died for us.

thats amazing. and thats what the song is all about for me. The incredilous realization that He loves us so much that He died for us. Pretty amazing.

Shanic said...

Hi guys,

I honestly believe that this song goes deep into the belief of grace and regard it as one of the most powerful worship songs I have ever heard. The song writter speaks of afflictions he is talking of the hardships we encounter as humans and he basically crying out saying no matter what we deal with no matter what we go through, GOD our FATHER loves us beyond measure
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