Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Weekend "Unwrapped"

From Left to right:
1. Hillenblogs gone wild!
2. Deb COX Rox!
3. Skyler's Mom Rocks!
4. Molly's flocks.
5. Red Hat Society Wanna-be.
6. Floor Sitting (as AR would say) thong wearin...hot mamma. (I mean flip-flops)
7. Does this look like the next Hilcrest Hornet Cheerleader to you? Love you Ashley!
8. Does this look like someone spiked the Strawberry-Lemonade to you? Love you Morgs!
9. Does this look like the pastors daughter to you? Love you Tif!

thanks for Pic 7, 8, 9...Love you Lisa! (my favorite non-paid staffer)
-Photo Not Available- of Steph OD. (my favorite paid staffer) Posted by Picasa


millsie said...

man i hope she isnt the next hhs cheerleader. our cheerleaders suck!

Ashley The CHEERLEADER!!!!! said...

UGH...Mom you are going to pay!!!! And you too Mark for posting that I was trying to sleep when people wouldn't leave me alone! I didn't even want my pic. taken either!!!!!

SpfldSteph said...

Thanks for the shout-out! You are def my fav "concessman!"