Sunday, September 10, 2006

Arghe! Matey...Captain Jack Sparrow

Contest...Best Caption to what Skyler is thinking here...wins! Posted by Picasa


millsie said...

oh my gosh hes cute.

Hillenjunior said...

" i really wish we could take one more picture later!"

ToyHelen said...

DAD!! You told me it would be JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!

Hayely said...

'easy on the goods, darling.'

'oh and could you tell me all about your days of scurvy pillaging and flogging? for i am just a measly land-lubber.'

nb said...

sw-"daddy, do you see those two ladies back there?"


sw- "umm, yeah, so earlier i overheard them talking while getting my picture w/ peter pan and corrected their grammer. i dont think they liked it so much"

hb- "just smile right now, and then i will have them come over"

Anonymous said...

i was not informed sky was dating a pirate!