Thursday, September 14, 2006 this is not really that funny anymore. is true...i had a fall last sunday night. ..(Thanks for allowing my swelling to go down before you asked about it Crystal) All of you people in the church auditorium after the service sunday night...and there was that terrible noise..sounding like a filing cabinet was pushed down the stairs...well...yes...that was me.
I missed a step...#2 or so...and had my hands full of some stuff that I was carrying...and well. It looked much like this video.

Thanks for all the kind cards and notes...and flowers...but I am back to (almost) normal...and the swelling is almost all gone, and i'm sure the bruising will fade any day now.

So...I have a couple of words of wisdom for you. careful on the steps...and second...always carry your camera (Rachel) and you could have the actual pictures of this event...


Hayely said...

you are so right. it was not funny. i was scared to even go back there.

you swelled, though? that's funny.

Hillenblog said...

I advance...(before any anonymous person can call me on the carpet) because of the content of the original "YouTube" video on this post...I usually do not have my audio on my laptop...and so when I found the video of a guy falling down a spiral staircase...I was so excited...that I forgot to listen to the audio...and did not think that he would be yelling an expletive during the fall. Sorry about that...although this is not a spiral staircase..I think it captures the essence of my story. Out.