Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Mom is starting a blog.

...and she has a great premise...She wants to post a new recipe every day...I think it is a great idea.

However we are needing a clever name.

Here are a few we have thought of:
  • Talk Soup
  • Stew on this...
  • Food for Thought
  • Hillenblog's Happy Mom
  • Linda Kay Blogs Away
  • The Recipe Box
  • Eat this!
  • Good things come to those who bake
  • Scrambled Egg Blog
  • 'Bringing Bake n Back...yup!
  • My husband is retired...I need a hobby
  • Food born happiness
  • Hot Blog's & Apple Pie
  • Dry Blog Food
  • Canned Blog Food
  • Linda Kay's Recipe a Day
  • more...anyone...anyone...Leave a comment with your ideas...


Hillenblog's Wife said...

Sautee with Linda Kay

Jenny said...

I like The Recipe Box.

Anonymous said...

I like the Recipe Box. That sounds very interesting. Maybe this way we can see if there is any interest in this type of blog. I have hundreds of recipes from both of my grandmothers, my mom, who was a fabulous cook, my sister, and myself. Hey, BLOGLAND, are you interested?

rachel said...

I'm so interested!!! You are an amazing cook and I would love you sharing your recipes on a blog.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! YEAH! I think several of the names are great! I can't wait!!


missy said...


Anonymous said...

How about Hillenmom Cooks.

:ynn S.

Hillenblog's Wife said...

I thought of the recipe box also!!!yeah!

Hillenblog said...

Get in...Who Spiked the Egg Blog...?

Anonymous said...

To combine Hillenblog's wife's ideas - - How about "Hillenmom's receipt box".

Anonymous said...

I mean recipe box, not receipt box.

becl said...

I just like the fact that you are posting your recipes!

ToyHelen said...

I like Hillenmom's recipe box. How fun! (not that I cook much anymore)