Sunday, April 06, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

Apparently there has been some confusion about what all went on the recent Vegas trip...All I can say is that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless you have a digital camera along.

I have to agree with you I was shocked when I saw our CFO doing some of the things I was able to capture on film (well not really film). Also I would like to explain that is not really was a statue in our hotel.

Additionally I want to say that he has the most formal swimsuit I have ever seen. I guess I was the most shocked when I caught a glimpse of him on the wing of our plane, I was so glad that we were not at altitude yet...where it would have been impossible to stay out there because of the temperature (-80 C on our way home).

Additionally I would like to clear up something...This certain person did not have their picture taken in front of the Pboy was a trick. I know...can you ever believe what you see here on Hillenblog? Can you believe what you see anywhere? is the real question. Here is the real image... as you can see...Rog is in the background. So how crazy could this night have really been. Well...maybe that is not such a good comparison.

Update...Images removed by request of the subject...Hillenblog

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This is funny.

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