Sunday, August 14, 2005

The First DTB "get together" was tonight...and if you weren't were square. I had no idea that the DTB was doing so well that they could afford such a sumptious spread. Contest. Photo's one through nine (going across, not down) Caption these Photo's. (Keep it clean folks...this is a family show)


arog said...

# 8 Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson

NB said...

1. sky talking about how big the skirt is she will be wearing on the 1st day of school. since we all know how she dresses.
2. missy telling us how big she wants her brand new baby to be at birth
3. mrs. hillenblog, dreamin of ole NB
4. don't know her, never seen her
5. the guy looks like a movie star, that's all there is to it. jonny a
6. k1 or k2 or k3 or k4 or....too many k's
7. this is hands down the most beautiful young lady in the world. she melts my stinkin heart.
8. 2nd most beautiful...w/ you know who!
9. the artist formerly known as C O X

Anonymous said...

It looks like c-o-x showed up the wrong place.

missy said...

#4 "I sure wish that guy in the green shirt would ask me out on a date. I've been re-filling his drink all night and he hasn't even noticed me!"

SkyWriting said...


hillenswife said...

At least he's outa high school, college and on his own...

jonny said...

1 - i have a bobble-head doll of jon's this tall.

2 - i have a beachball with jon adams' picture on's this big.

3 - when i see jon adams i just clap and clap...

4 - i want to refill jon adams' drink.... with my love.

5 - heeyyy - i'm jon adams

6 - i don't want jon adams to see me in my pajama shirt.

7 - i love jon adams and i want to shout it from the rooftops!!

8 - cindy: wait, your not jon adams?
nb:i'm no jon adams, but he's taught me a few things about lovin' the ladies. just relax baby...

9 - i wish i was jon adams.

K2 said...

Great photos & captions! It was a very fun night!

Hillenblog said...

1. "...The Test to get my Permit was this thick..."
2. " I wrapped my fingers around his throat..."
3. "...'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te!
Quanno fa notte e 'o sole se ne scenne,
me vene quase 'na malincunia;..."
4. Nice Camera Man.
5."...To Blog...or Not to Blog...that is the question?..."
6. Thinking...I sure am glad he is not using any of the pictures of me from las vegas...
7. Thinking..."look here little baby...I'm the favorite..."
8. "...Mark!? that you...when did you get here?..."
9. "...I can't believe they told me to meet at Emack's...Next, they are probably going to ditch me when I go the the restroom..."

K2 said...

1. "The food in our to-go box is takes up this much room."
2. "That's my favorite part of the chicken dance...da da da-da da-da da."
3. "I love the fries here! Wait, it's parsley, not parmesan cheese"
4. "I hope they aren't all on seperate checks?"
5. "So I go to the tanning bed..."
6. "This is going to end up on the blog, isn't it?"
7. "Yippee, Ravioli!"
8. NB: "I just love this lady."; CH: "What am I doing?"
9. "Uh, your flash didn't work."

Disinterested 3rd Party said...

#8 How Stella got her groove back
(caucasian version)

Robbeebob said...

ok im tired of not posting, im back on track

Laur said...

#1: "So when I'm bouncing at church, I get like this high off the ground!"

SkyWriting said...

ok, HAYELY, that is enough from you.