Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well...That just about sumarizes the sights and sounds (for the most part) of my Fair experience. Once again the main reason to work at the for the food, and to see what it's like to be Scott Mills (in other words...have Sam as a Boss). Also a Shout Out to Amy Beth and Lisa. Fair Food of note in Reverse Order. Tornado Taters, Cinnamon Rolls by Christopher, TUESDAY is coney day!, of course Corn Dogs and Jug-o-Root Beer, Pork Loin Sanich, Pinapple Whip (not pictured) and #1. Slaw Dogs.


millsie said...

thats where i work!!! but that's not me in the pic....will you email me the pics of my finger? oh i burned my self again hurts..

SkyWriting said...

getting your nose pierced hurts more, sister. just trying to keep you realistic, here.