Monday, August 22, 2005

Twenty Five Years of Tuckers

Across, Not Down.
1. Is it me...or is Gary and Morgan making the same face/
2. Front/Back Yes/No On Again/Off Again True/False.
3. Missy and I hope you to get famous and make us both lot's of money.
4. Rob, incognito...not wanting to be too specific...or too descriptive. (PS...he was getting along with his entire family this night)
5. Is Tuck the Maid of Honor?...You join good Royblog is the only other male Bridesmaid (of Honor) I have ever known. But I don't think even he had to hold a bouquet.
6. Sunset over Tablerock. (Can you see those guys breaking in to the boatdocks way back in that cove?)
7. Aunt Fern...
8. The entire Tucker Family, It appears that "Maid-of-Honor" has left a bad taste in Brian's mouth.
9. However...(this shot was only a second too late) but the only taste left in Randy's mouth was...well...Tammie.


SkyWriting said...

pic #2...HEY that's erika! hey thats jordan, too!

ask me about my REAL caption later.

Robbeebob said...

why did you say that in #4? i alwyas get along with my family