Wednesday, May 10, 2006


OK...I have had several questions about here goes. It's a Knock down, drag holds barred, winner take all...Who has the cutest baby contest.

Rules are as followes. Behavior toward parents is 2 points (Immediately, Exactly & with the right heart attitude)...Talent is 2 points...Originality in name is 2 points...(and to make it fair) I have added crying loudness is 2 points. Now...the final 2 points are scored on overall cuteness....The cuteness quotient of the parents is not to be taken into consideration, neither are tattoos or piercings of the parents or the infants themselves. This is a no "additional adornement" match judged using the modified IBC rules 9th edition. (International Baby Cuteness)

Add up all the points...the baby with the most points...wins. Second place (the first loser) gets nothing but a warm feeling in their Diaper, and the lifelong realization that they gave it their all...and came up lacking...first place gets to wear the crown of "World Wide Web's Cutest Baby" On your mark, get set...GO! Posted by Picasa


admin said...

i like the name molly

hillenblogshappywife said...

roscoe would have made one poor molly
also, there is no contest...both babies are absolutely wonderful, and also that camera shy henry talburt. Mostly i love them all because they satisfy my baby needs, and i still get to sleep in.