Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Prose is a tall order...

OK...Lately when I have been going out in to public...I have been getting innundated with requests...and questions about the blog. is Jen's baby? Mark...why don't you write more prose...and use less pictures? you know the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain? here you go...I have decided to take four completely random photo's from my day...and tell you about them in a sort of short dramatic story that ends in a a life lesson for everyone.

The first installment I will call. Don't get duped by a man carrying a camera.

Today...I convinced the very stylish Amy Ruth...aka "Missisippi" ...that her big cuff's needed to have a little roll down to be on the latest cutting edge of fashion....I then took a picture of said fashion "prove to her" just how good it looked. Second...I then convinced Cindy and Missisippi that I wanted to take that "Seinfeld" like picture of their feet (as seen above) here they are lining up there feet getting ready for the picture. The best part was...they never knew i didn't take the photo of their feet....tee hee hee...

Lastly Steph OD honks at me at a stoplight...while she is talking on her cell phone and much more dangerous can you get? you will be taking pictures while your trying to drive...(which Barrett can attest not such a good I rear-ended a car last summer while trying to take a picture of Cox South from out of my sunroof...and a clunker in front of me stopped unexpectedly at a red light....fortunately the damage to the vehicle was less than the previous 3 times it had been wrecked...and not you could not tell) I digress.

So...back to the story, if a man carrying a camera asks you to pose for him doing something entirely random or weird...chances are going to end up on the internet. Second...if you are selling Diagonstic Analysis should be careful how big your font is on your powerpoints...and now to the life lesson. If you don't know what is the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain...don't expect to get invited over to people houses very often.

See what I did there?...the twist, was that I talked about something heretofor you had no idea what I was talkiing about...that is called poor writing skills in college...but is called a "twist" in the plot...and the life lesson was a "call back" of a (you just previously thought) completely random sentence at the top of this blog...turns is the most important was the conclusion. tomorrow...prose. Posted by Picasa

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David said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

I'm crying.

Thanks, Hillenblog.