Friday, May 19, 2006

Friends & Family...MCI's got nothin on us...

1. Does the Camera Love Tiffany or WHAT?
2. Happy Mothers Day!
3. Admin, his Hottie Girls...and their new Body Guard.
4. Skyler and her ensem...while Hawkins is telling about how they got a 1+ at State (but were penalized 1 point because he forgot to send in one of the sheets of music to the judges) oops...we still love him!
5. The entire Cast of the new off Broadway "One Man Show" entitled Barrett...Broken but not defeated.
Skyler...the newest member of Nationaly Recognized and Grammy Award Winning "Glendale High School Chamber Choir" after her 'rents threatened to take her car away if she did not try out...and after much stress and turmoil...and the likes of a very good friend named Melanie Bemarkt who helped her rehearse her song...Skyler almost made Alto Section Leader...she will be the #2 Alto. She also received much prasie and accolades from the outgoing Choir President...and the Senior All America Soloist, Alliah Kilgore who were playing the Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul to Hawkins...Simon Cowell. Congrats Sky...We are proud of you!
7. Cin & Min
8. Cin & Bec
9. Cindy has a new driving technique...driving with your eyes closed...keeps down the road can concentrate on singing the right words better that way. Posted by Picasa


SkyWriting said...

that is a less than flattering picture of me.

hillenblogswife said...

let's not even start talking about unflattering photos, please!!