Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There is a Yellow Finch...

So there is this yellow finch that comes to the engineering windows (outside my office)...and lands on the ledge...and pecks at the window. This has gone on for a couple of weeks...and it has been the subject of much conjecture. I have realized the issue..I have figured out the force of nature that is causing this phenomenon.

Does anyone work with any women? have you ever experienced the "estrogen wars"? If you have ever been to High School...or worked in an office with more than 6 people...I am betting that you know what I am talking about. The wierd kinda interoffice dynamic that causes otherwise totally inteligent and well balanced women to begin to hate each other. The universal force that draws out the "claws" as sure as gravity controls the oceans and holds the moon in tow to the earth.

Here it is...the key.

There are two Finches. A male (the brightly colored one) and the one that is pecking at the window...the female. Aha. The female finch sees another female finch in the "mirrored" glass window...and instantly has to attack it.

Always remember these simple life principles. 1."there's always another woman" 2. if someone ever says 'it's not the money' can be sure..."it's the money"... 3. No one ever leaves their current job...and gets paid "twice as much" 4. If there is more than one woman in your office...she most likely will have issue with the other one soon. (Remember that if you ever consider becomeing mormon)

Well...there you go...A bit of prose...some random photo's and a life lesson. all wrapped up in a little thing we like to call have a good day! Posted by Picasa


hillenblogswonderingwife said...

who is your other woman???

Hillenblog said...

Of course...the statement about another woman...refers to when someone leaves their wife...and when asked about it...they say.."there is no other woman"...then Life Principle #2 kicks in..."there is always another woman". answer your question...since I haven't left you...nor do i plan to...and since (just in case your wondering) you make me tha happiest man alive...there is no "other woman" in my case...unless you mean my MOM...(how sweet)...since it is almost Mothers Day...(Happy Mothers Day MOM!)

nb said...

u 2 kill me! in a good way

Anonymous said...

thank you for the life principles. I will not forget them.