Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Falcons Win with Last Second Touchdown

1. Glendale High School Football Coach Hurst gives Barrett some pointers.
2. #12 Hillenburg Around the end for a big gain
3. Barrett with one guy to beat before he turns the corner
4. Under Center
5. #23 Armstrong slices through the line...and upfield for another big gain
6. Falcons are behind with only 22 seconds left in the game...
7. Falcons Score a winning touchdown on the final play of the drive
8. The backfield celebrates the win in the May 11th showdown that will be a rematched for the League Championship Game!
9. oops...thats a repeat...

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Anonymous said...

Barrett, Congratulations on getting your team to the championship game. We are sorry we weren't there last night but didn't know you had a game. We are planning on being at the next one. We are very proud of you and you are a great quarterback!!!!! GO FALCONS!!!!!