Saturday, May 19, 2007

From the Road

So I'm on the road this week & (end) at an association meeting in this city (name it and I have a set of Mickey Ears for the winner) oops...While I have been gone, I missed the Acapella Hymns concert that Cin & Sky put on...(that I heard report was awesome) and I missed the opening of the 10th inning concession stand, and I missed Barrett's football game.

However I met a few interesting people, helped spread the gospel of DMP. I also talked to a few people about blogging...

I have about a half dozen things to catch up on, on the blog...which I intend to try to do over the nex week. I may also start adding some other content to my blog...I haven't decided yet.

0500 Airplane ride home...(yeah!) Cin...I miss you too...see you tomorrow.

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