Thursday, May 03, 2007

OK...I'm back online.

OK. There have been a lot of things going on lately, and I have let this blog thing slide.

I apologize...since I know that most of you live your lives vicariously through me. goes an attempt catch you up on a month...all in this one blog, photo's to follow.
  • we listed our house for sale
  • We received an offer and contract for MORE than asking price within 2 days ( I can't promise you this every time...but they are the only realtor's I have/will ever used...)
  • Made offer on cool house in Rogersville
  • Made counter offer
  • Made another counter offer
  • Signed a contract on the new house
  • Signed no less than 6 addendum's to the contract as we moved forward.
  • Secured funding for the new house (No, I did not pay cash based on the huge $'s I am making off this blog)
  • Started Packing up the house
  • Started mowing the yard at the Peacock House
  • Shopped for Carpet
  • Shopped for Hardwoods
  • Shopped for Blinds
  • Shopped for new TV (THANKS!)
  • Reserved Moving Truck
  • Arranged to shut off phones, electricity, trash, alarm system, DSL, satellite Dish, water, sewer, mail, and the casual spending of money by the Hillens on luxuries like eating out and going to see movies.
  • Arranged to turn on Cable TV, Cable internet, Electricity, water, sewer, trash service, forward mail, forward phones (we don't have a home phone number now), and Cindy (all with varying degrees of effectiveness)
  • For the first time ever I weed-n-feeded my new lawn (die dandelions die)
  • Packed up all our belongings in a single truck ( in basically no time at all) and spent the night at the Wilson's
  • Closed on sale of old house and closed on sale of new house 1 hour later.
  • Unloaded all our earthly belongings to the garage of the Peacock House.
  • Went to Barrett's Ball game where they lost a heart breaker and Barrett got hurt on the field (pictures to follow)
  • Fri, Sat, Sunday unpacked a million boxes...and still have a million more.
  • Installed Blinds in Bathroom (so we could use the facilities without meeting new neighbors)
  • Invited to posh 21st Birthday Party for local Director/Screenwriter/Suitor w/ bon-a-fide prospects.
  • Went back to work
  • Had the hardwoods installed in the LR
  • Had the Carpet installed in the MBR
  • Installed Blinds in the Master Bedroom (so...well...we could sleep at night, ahem)
  • Installed New TV over the mantle
  • and tonight...I will be installing the wiring to the new extend on in to Friday
  • Friday Night Lights, Barrett defends the honor (and goal line) of the 7th grade Falcons from the evil one himself (Springfield Catholic Fighting Irish) at JFK 7:00 PM
  • Cinco de Mayo...we have the Cinco de Marriage in the afternoon ...and install the alarm system that evening.
  • Sunday...well..Sunday...were going to church and then resting ...Blog more later.
Hillenblog Out!


LauraD said...

We've missed you guys!

Andrea said...

wish I were there to help!

Hillenblog's Wife said...

a little too much info in some of these(ahem)...and the game is at 6 not 7 tonight.

Missy the Great said...

seriously? it's been over a week since your last post AND it took even longer to receive your last one! i'm not talking words here, just a few pictures. you know, not all of us have seen the new place.