Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Hillenblog! America's hottest new couple, O'Drew, sit down for an Exclusive Interview!

This week we were all surprised to find out that the couple referred to as simply O'Drew, by millions of adoring fans, made long standing rumors finally come true with the engagement. O'Drew, made up of former MSU Lady Bear stand out, Stephanie O'Donnell & Springfield Socialite, Andrew Albritton have been dating since a controversial surprise birthday party for O'Donnell back on September 4th of last year . The whirlwind romance, as many have described it, has been steadily progressing from an "uncomfortable flirtation, to the now heated passion of true love", said one observer, "when they first would come over to our house, they would talk and hang out...and occasionally you would see then make eye contact; just last week they dropped by, and you could feel the deep seated love and burning desire as they occasionally touched hands, or once they even were locked in a side embrace for like 2 1/2 seconds." says someone close to them (that would only speak on the condition of anonymity).
Friends have commented that they seem extremely fit for one another, and its like there is a supernatural power drawing them together.
They have similar interests, as Albritton is a huge Sports Fan. and O'Donnell loves to watch obscure movies, and work on her vocabulary. Neither family has come forth with a statement, but one can only imagine that there is great concern on the part of their parents. Speculation has been that Albritton actually asked permission from O'Donnell's father for his new fiance' s hand in marriage. There has been wild rumors as to if he received it or not. We only know one thing, the shocking engagement came when no one suspected it. Albritton escaped the prying eyes of the paparazzi once again, by popping the question early one morning after breaking into O'Donnells exclusive downtown loft . Neighbors say he knocked on the door, and she actually let him right in.
Hillenblog was able to sit down with O'Drew for an exclusive interview on the day of the engagement. The EXCLUSIVE first photos (above) were captured of the happy couple just hours after the mysterious surprise visit to her apartment to place the Giant Rock of a diamond on her left hand. You can see in the pictures that they are glowing with excitement.
Below is the transcript from our exclusive sit down interview:

Hillenblog says: hello

O’Drew says: Hola

Hillenblog says: you have time to grant an interview?

O’Drew says: sure

Hillenblog says: 6 months ago did you expect to be engaged?

O’Drew says: I thought it would happen quickly, but I didn't know when

Hillenblog says: What are your future plans?

O’Drew says: The wedding will be on Saturday October 20 in Wichita, Kansas. After Andrew finishes school, hopefully in December 2008, we plan to go abroad as English teaching missionaries to Asia...and possibly other countries in the future.

Hillenblog says: What are you going to do after the wedding?

O’Drew says: A reception for Springfield friends who cannot traverse to KS will be held on Sunday, October 21. We'll leave for our honeymoon Sunday evening to a destination yet to-be-determined.

Hillenblog says: Will you have any kids right away?

O’Drew says: Kids will be in the future...but no plans for when...several years, I’d say

Hillenblog says: What about Sex?

O’Drew is part of what comes w/ marriage, and we have decided to save it for our marriage, but yes.

Hillenblog says: What do you think about being one of America’s most famous "single word" couples?...(O'Drew)

O’Drew says: O'Drew is our fun celebrity name...its use probably won't outlive us, but we do enjoy it. I personally am quite pleased that his last name begins with a vowel...

Hillenblog says: How exciting was it for you to have your engagement story "broken" on Hillenblog? Are you now recognized in public? How has the fame changed you?

O’Drew says: I was most humbled by the feature blog on Hillenblog...made me feel quite special! :)

O’Drew says: Here's another tidbit for you...

O’Drew says: Baseball has been an ongoing theme throughout our relationship, even more than we realized in hindsight, anyway, my initials are going from SO to SA...Sosa was/is one of the best all-time home run hitters...that's what our relationship is...a home run...

Hillenblog Says: Gag-me!

O’Drew says: Cheesy, I don't need to include that part; I was just having fun typing away

O’Drew says: Thanks for the interview

O’Drew says: Steph reporting for O'Drew...

O’Drew says: out

Please stay tuned to for more developing details of this exciting story. Next week we hope to have an exclusive sit down interview with members of the happy couples family, (Tyler?...Sybil?). Hillenblog reporting live from Rogersville!


Bryan said...

interview was good. as for the sosa story, fraid not. as common sense tells us sammy used the juice, his entire career a sham. I would compare your relationship to pujols, a true, honest, Godly man with morals who stands firmly on the rock. anyway. I'm typing this while cruising on the lake so I better put down the treo and hold on!

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i'm open for an interview...