Monday, January 21, 2008

Burch...Need I say more...

So... Friday night Matt and the kids came over to hang out while Cindy and Rach went to a shower/prayer meeting. At one point I went to sleep in my chair dropping my coffee cup on the floor & leaving Matt unsupervised in our house for at least 20 minutes. When I woke up I thought nothing of it, but now I go to load a couple of pictures that I had taken this weekend, and I see this image is on my camera.

Dear Abby:

Should I Stop drinking decaffeinated coffee? Only invite Rachel over by herself? Give Matt my old socks and buy new? Report Matt to the Webster County officials? Demand to rummage around in his sock drawer? Find a new hiding place for my unrated version of '40 Year Old Virgin" that Helter Shelter gave me for Christmas? Let his parents know that he spends his days messing around over by a street full of duplex's doing who know what? Bring this, and all the other evidence I have (I'm not suggesting anything...but ever notice that Olly doesn't resemble Matt that much?) against this family of rabble-rouser's, ruffians and miscreants to the Deacon Board next meeting?

Please help me know what to do.

Mortified in Missouri.


HelterShelter said...

For the record.........well, you know that didnt happen. There is an edited version which cuts the movie from 118 mins down to 12.

As for the coffee, this just proves that: 1 cup folgers crystals, 1/2 cup Capt Morgans, 1 tsp Witch Hazel, stir well, serve to anyone over 75 .......should never be part of a baby blessing

SkyWriting said...

At least the treadmill is doing it's job.