Friday, January 11, 2008

What happens when your in Vegas...

Stays in Vegas...unless, what happens while I'm in Vegas is at home. Then I guess it just tears up the whole neighborhood.
Ok...I must admit, that I missed the entire event...Cindy did a great job at protecting the family (including Crystal) by having everyone huddle in the laundry room. I think she was even doing laundry while she was in there. Thanks Cindy..Sorry I was in Vegas to make weather the weather alone.
Pic #3 was the total sum of the damage at our house.
#8...can you believe the wind blew over a brick mailbox!
and lots of shingles blown off all over Leabrooke. Fortunate compared to many.

HSBC is doing a Gift Card shower for Brett and Stacy Soden...they lost everything...Cindy and I have known Brett since 3rd Grade, and he is the Principal at ye ole Strafford High. You can see a before Photo here at Cindy's 20yr Reunion and an after Picture here. I would encourage you to stop off at Wal-Mart and Pick up a gift card for them...

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SammyB said...

Wow, sorry to all of those that lost in that tornado.
We were also huddled under the stairs with blankets & pillows hoping that nothing would happen.
Glad that hear that everyone at your friends', the Soden's, are OK though.