Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strafford Tornado Map

Click on the Map Image above to be linked to the interactive Google Map. You might have to select (My Maps & Show Images from Picasa Web Albums in the menu to the left) I guess we were very lucky...The Tornado's path was only 1.4 miles from both our parents house. Our sympathy goes out to Micheal Jacques family, and all those that have been displaced or their houses destroyed. Brett & Stacy Soden and Lenae Lazelle.

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Anonymous said...

YOU ARE RIGHT!! I had been thinking about how far it was to where the tornado started not how far it was when it went behind our house. Gives me shivers!!! It was much closer than I even realized. Dad and I and the neighbors across the street heard the roar when it went by. Not a pleasant sound. We are grateful.