Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Live from CES 2008

1. Blue Ray is here to stay, the HD-DVD ship is sailing.
2. Life Size Transformers.
3. HP has a new Twist on things...
4. By far the largest booth I have ever seen, Samsung is mammoth.
5. This is for G-W. It's time to upgrade the boat.
6 & 7. Thin is in. How about a 56" 1080P Plasma Screen that is a full 9mm Thick.
8. The Mesa Grill. Bobby Flay just cooks food better than other people!
9. Samsung wrapped the whole side of this 15 story hotel.

This is easily the most WOW trade show that I have ever seen, it is littered with mid-level celeb's and musicians...and 200,000 attendees. One of the coolest things is the new Pioneer HD Technology.


SammyB said...

Man, I love that stuff.... that innovative technology.
Reminds me of back in the day of the Hillen-Blaine syndicate..(before I was relocated down the hall beyond my will)...how I wish sometimes I was the right-hand man of the Great Hillenburg again.

COX said...

I can only dream what the Blu Ray booth was like. I went HD this Christmas and might go Blu around my birthday. Its like I'm watching my favorite movies for the first time.

arog said...

How many points was that meal?

future mrs. coacher said...

this place has a bridal registry, right?