Sunday, August 05, 2007

Been workin at the Fair all last week!


31. "Girlfriends are way over rated..." Ryan Boschen
32. "My aunt was married at 16 and 18..." Kayla Mills
33. "Please have your tickets out...this is a fully ticketed event, you WILL need a ticket that looks like this. If you DO NOT have a ticket that looks like this, you can purchase one at the box office in front of the e-Plex....they are $3.00..."
34. Who know you could core out an apple to use it as a pipe to smoke your whatever with...?
35. "Hold on..I saw this in a movie once..."
36. DEATH MAY DIE!!! aka the Blue Klux Klan...
37. Was that Wade in the truck.
38. I think I made it clear that there are no cell phones during walk home to Indiana.
39. Nobody told us that we had to be here before the concert started...(not so bad unless your part of the band)
40. Lightning McQueen.
41. Has anyone seen where Lightning McQueen is?
42. "...oh that tattoo...yeah, its a picture of Jesus...I got it when I became a F@!%&* Christian...dude....same with this one on my arm..." As spoken by Eddie Money's Guitar Tech
43. I'd do that for a dollar...
44. "...Hillen...What's your twenty?...there is a cow running loose up the Midway, headed for Gate 4..." (and we were just sitting down for yet another Slaw Dog)
45. The Slaw Dog Mafia
46. Oh...Look that cow only needed to take a leak...
47. "What do you mean that I have to buy a ticket for the Truck & Tractor Pulls...I didn't last year..." (yes, we have for the last 3 years...)
48. What do you mean we have to go "pick up some stuff" what kind of stuff?" vs " spent $126 on Boxes and packing supplies..." who was more surprised...
49. "Holly is in my squad, and I hear her wife tackled a guy coming over the rail last night..." as spoken by Officer (Trevino) or something like that...(the cute one with the cute hair) "...I mean Husband..."
50. " Do you care about what I am saying...You DON'T have to work here...!'

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millsie said...

haha. funny stuff.