Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shade Tree or Shade Pee?

This is a totally true story:

Yesterday, a man with curly blonde hair and brunette woman drove up into the circle drive at DMP in a maroon, newish Ford Taurus with Nebraska plates POG-438. Parked right behind the black Mercedes proceeded to have a picnic (Panera Bread) under this shade tree outside my window. After they were finished eating, they cleaned up their trash, they took their cooler back to the car, and just when you thought they were going to pack up and leave. The man (who was wearing no shirt) makes a bee line straight for the tree, unbuttons his pants and relieves himself on the tree. (as he is doing this...the woman gets out of the car and walks back over to stand beside him while he finishes his business) He then buttons up, and gets in the car and drives off.

Nobody knows who they are or where they came from. or where they will strike next. Be on the lookout.


hillaryrobandkids said...

Welcome to the Ozarks everyone!

ETC.Z Schimpf said...

My vote is. "Not able to stand."