Monday, August 27, 2007

disgruntled CBS employee leaks BB8 love triangle


As a disgruntled former employee I feel it is within my right to exact revenge in whatever way I can against a network who bullied me into resignation, (matters of which I won’t discuss). So, for all you Big Brother fans who have been claiming the show is boring and needs another twist, well prepare yourself for this: Have you heard Eric speak of a “long distance girlfriend?” Well, that “long distant girlfriend” wasn’t so distant for the entire season!!! In fact, Eric and his “long distant girlfriend” had never met in person. It was an internet based relationship and unbeknownst to him, his “long distance girlfriend” was in this BB8 house, and will be returning to the house in the coming weeks! Who you ask?….CAROL!!!! Don’t believe me??? Proof- Why would CBS have Carol & Jessica in the house as “Arch-rivals”? They didn’t even know what they were “Rivals” for! A fight over $5 years ago when they were in school together, seriously?!!- Why has CBS been so coaxing of the relationship blossoming between Eric & Jessica? So that they will have a drama filled ending to the season! While I do behold a great disdain for CBS, I will never accuse them of lacking intellect. They know exactly what they are doing. They have been riding out the dramatic antics of Dick for as long as they can. Once that drama ends and Dick is removed, they intend to re-introduce CAROL to the house. If Dick isn’t removed within the next couple of weeks, Carol will return regardless. While I hold no grudge against CBS viewers, I felt leaking this classified information would be a great way to retaliate. Sorry to the viewers, HAHA to CBS!

Carol and Eric Eric and Jessica

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ToyHelen said...

how fun this will be if it is true!!!